Documentation Manager Release Notes

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Minor Release

September 2021

  • Small architectural change


Minor Release

September 2021

  • Application has been launched in Hongkong
  • Small software enhancements


Minor Release

August 2021

  • Fixed: Direction of marker visualization


Major Release

May 2021

  • Updating the appearance of the Documentation Manager to reflect the latest branding.
  • Further optimization of security.


Major Release

December 2020

  • Color coding of markers - label the different categories of markers with a custom color.
  • Rotate floor plan - with the new release it will be possible in the mobile app to rotate, determine and reset the floor plan in the view.
  • Clustering of markers - to make navigation on the floor plan of the mobile app clearer, markers will be clustered depending on the zoom level. In the office application, the markers are displayed separately.
  • Other data security improvements
  • Fixed: For some projects, in the Documentation Manager browser application, the markers are no longer displayed slightly shifted.



Major Release

August 2020

  • Fixed: Mobile app - the mobile app is available in German language again.
  • Fixed: QR codes can be scanned as usual again.
  • Consistent use of third-party products / approvals and attributes in new projects. When adding new projects, this can be done via the 2nd step: Define default attributes. Here, third-party products / approvals and attributes can be automatically taken from an existing project or a project configuration can be defined as a template for new projects.
  • Captured images can be rotated and cropped in the app. After image capture, an "Edit" icon is now available in the app.
  • Clustering of markers in the app. When navigating on the floor plan, markers, are clustered together for better clarity. When zooming in closer, the markers are displayed separately again. In the generated documentation, the markers are displayed individually.
  • Increased speed of navigation on the floor plan. When zooming in on a floor plan section, the respective part is displayed more sharply. This makes it possible to work much faster on larger floor plans in the app.
  • Various language adjustments.



Minor Release

June 2020

  • Fixed: Mobile app - error message about missing assignment of a user to a project.


Minor Release

June 2020

  • Fixed: iOS - Projects can be synced again when user adds and removes additional products when creating a new instance.
  • Fixed: Mobile App - Marker is again displayed in the floor plan and instance is displayed in the instance overview when created in offline mode in the Marker menu item in a newly created hierarchy.
  • Fixed: Mobile app - notice is no longer displayed that there is a problem due to image size as raw file.



Minor Release

May 2020

  • Fixed: When working in offline mode and while syncing downloaded projects, power saving mode can be left on.
  • Fixed: In camera mode on the Huawei P30 Lite / Pro, the image is sharp again.



Major Release

May 2020

  • Offline mode can be activated - you can continue working even if the internet connection is poor
  • Add / remove markers in floor plan / move to other location.
  • Thumbnails / thumbnails of images in printout to reduce report size.
  • Assign floor plan directly to a layer when adding.
  • New improved camera with zoom function, auto focus by tapping, use of front camera.
  • Per layer, the number of documented elements is displayed.
  • Fixed: On Apple - iOS devices, images are no longer rotated 90° in the printout.
  • Fixed: Various translations in the app and web version.




Minor Release

November 2018

  • Simplified navigation after revising object detail screens.
  • Project Download Screen: Building name is now next to project name.
  • Support for attributes with logical conditions for users with "Premium" and "Professional" type licenses.
  • Various bug fixes and other performance improvements.



Minor Release

August 2018

  • New DSGVO updates for privacy policies and DSP requirements.
  • The number of custom attributes allowed for a subproject has been increased to 75.
  • Various bug fixes and other performance improvements.



Minor Release

January 2018

  • A number of scalability and synchronization updates to increase mobile app sync and download speeds, improve data stability, and reduce sync glitches.
  • Several updates were implemented to improve the user interface, including the ability to sort projects, within the back office application
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements.



Major Release

August 2017

  • New ability for mobile/office app users to: Bulkheads or other components such as fire dampers, joints, etc. can be manually labeled or their labeling can be changed so that they are assigned a self-selected number.
  • The new option to add non-technical PDF documents to a project and insert them into already created PDF reports. This allows project managers to upload company-specific documents such as invoices or inspection documents to create a standard project report.
  • Addition of a new field type for project attributes: Date. This field allows users to enter a date attribute with a streamlined date selection feature so that installers and project managers can note inspection, maintenance, and installation dates with less risk of error.
  • Addition of a new field type for project attributes: Numeric Text. This field allows users to enter data similar to the Free Text field, but only numeric data (up to 3650 characters) can be entered. Installers, inspectors, and project managers can thus enter discrete numeric time periods (e.g., days, weeks, months, or years) with less risk of error.
  • Addition of a new field type for project attributes: Text field. This field allows users to enter alphanumeric free text (up to 800 characters). This allows for adding detailed comments and notes that are easily readable in the application and reports.
  • Project managers have the ability to configure attribute fields in the office application so that they can only be edited by office application users. The fields can now only be edited by users with office application access rights.
  • Project managers also have the option of configuring attribute fields in the office application so that they can be edited in the read view of the CFS-DM. Thus, third parties, such as inspectors, who want to access details about an item outside of the mobile application by scanning the corresponding QR code, now have the ability to edit specific data about an item (e.g., by adding an inspection status or comments).
  • Several user interface and user experience updates have been implemented, including consolidated item counts in the hierarchy view of a subproject.
  • Various bug fixes and performance improvements.



Major Release

April 2017

  • Office workstation and app users are notified of an available new version of CFS-DM via app (push message).
  • Complete historical records with log files for office workstation users to track audit progress and new filter options for each audit page. These allow users to search for specific audit data.
  • Projects importable in the background so CFS-DM can continue to be used during the import process.
  • Email notification when project exports and imports are completed (optional). The user will be notified by email when the import or export of a project is complete.
  • Email notification for report generation (optional). The user will be notified by email when longer reports have been generated and are available for download.
  • Display of an estimate of how long it will take to generate a report, including an estimated number of pages, so that the user can estimate how long it will take to generate a report.
  • The option to split very large PDF reports (more than 500 objects) into packages of several PDF documents each, which can then be downloaded together as a ZIP file or individually.
  • Generation of reports with 2D plans for entire projects with selected subprojects. Also, the ability to define separate filter criteria for each subproject/category of projects.
3.2 Web & Mobile App
Minor Release Jan 2017

The 3.2 release brings the following new features and enhancements:

  • A series of scalability and synchronization updates to increse the speed and mobile app sync and searches within the web app
  • Capability to import sub-projects into an existing project in the web app
  • Capability to both import and export entire projects (with all sub-projects included)
  • Report generation for entire projects with selected sub-projects, with the capability to set seperate filtration criteria for each sub-project/category in the project
  • Display of currently logged-in mobile user information in the settings menu of the mobile app
  • Capability to selectively download assigned projects in the mobile app, to reduce synchronization time
3.1 Web & Mobile App
Minor Release

Nov 2016

  • Capability to export only pictures within the project export functionality in the web app
  • Customizeable time-zones for a company
  • Static access to the menu option within the mobile app
  • Ability to "touch to focus" within the mobile app, to sharpen images before they are captured
  • Security enhancement to validate passwords during a password reset
3.0 Web & Mobile App
Major Release

Sep 2016

  • Support for the documentation of Joints
  • Capability to document custom categories of Fire Protection and Fire Prevention (beyond Penetrations and Joints) for specially licensed customers
  • Creation of sub-project structure within each project to correspond to selected categories of documentation
  • Capability to import and export sub-projects as separate entities within the web app
  • Report generation for individual sub-project categories
2.2.11 Web & Mobile App 
Minor Release

Jul 2016

  • Capability to send log file to customer support for Android devices 
  • Separation of Sub-Contractor and Client Information fields
  • Support for increased file size on 2D Floor Plans
  • Capability to change the the size of the 2D Plan marker bubbles for the mobile app
  • Implementation of the Swedish and Danish languages
2.2 Web & Mobile App
Minor Release
Nov 2015
  • Capability to edit 2D Floor Plan market placement in the web app
  • Ability to replace a 2D Floor Plan file without losing currently captured markers
  • Display of newly available Approval Documents when editing a project in the web app
  • Addition of limited login access to the web app for mobile users
  • Ability to customize the Penetration Header in generated PDF reports
  • Customizable date formatting for a company
  • Addition of static buttons in the web app for better usability
  • Varied UI enhancements for better usability