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Self-Leveling Lasers

Self-leveling lasers beat manual alignment, automatically.

Of all the things that challenge the pursuit of perfection on your job site, nothing is more frustrating than depending on a tool that is out of alignment. Fortunately, that is one possibility Hilti self-leveling lasers can help you cross off your already-too-long list of concerns.


The auto-leveling feature in our self-leveling lasers is based on an internal pendulum to better ensure that you can establish and maintain level lines over long distances. That can be up to 66 feet when used alone or nearly 100 feet when matched with a Hilti laser receiver. Plus, after a not-so-rare occurrence of accidental displacement, this same feature automatically brings your laser line or point back into level.

green line laser pm 2 lg

Green Line Laser PM 2-LG

See a better indoor solution
Line Laser PM 2-L

Line Laser PM 2-L

Align with better productivity
Point Laser PMP 45

Point Laser PMP 45

Explore multi-point precision

Your Hilti Tool Warranty—Warranty Redefined

tool warranty

All our laser measure and detection systems tools are supported by the Hilti Tool Warranty.


  • For the first 20 years, we will repair or replace parts that break from defects in materials or workmanship.
  • For the first two years from date of purchase, we provide wear-and-tear coverage at no cost.
  • We guarantee to have every tool repair in and out of our repair center in one day or the repair is free.
  • On top of all that, every Hilti laser measure tool comes with one free calibration per year for your first two years of ownership.


*Some exceptions apply. See the Hilti Tool Warranty page for details.