Hilti DX 9 Deck Fastening Tool

Take control of deck fastening with the digitally enabled DX 9 powder-actuated stand up tool

The new DX 9 is a robust, reliable, smart and comfortable stand-up decking tool. It features advanced engineering, a digital service indicator with Bluetooth connectivity and an ergonomically designed handle.

DX 9 Deck Fastening Tool

Always Innovating

Thanks to customer feedback and Hilti innovation, the DX 9 takes steel deck installation to the next level. Totally re-engineered mechanics have made the tool more advanced and more reliable for the most demanding job conditions.

Innovation with the DX 9

Real time information

The digital service indicator on the DX 9 gives real-time feedback on:

  • When to clean and service the tool, maximizing productivity on the job 
  • Tool’s operating temperature range is also displayed, helping you to work at the optimal pace
service indicator for real time feedback

Get connected

Press the Bluetooth button on your DX 9 to sync it to the Hilti Connect app, where you’ll find how-to videos, tool usage data and a simple way to request Hilti service.

Digitally enabled DX 9

designed for comfort

The DX 9 revolutionary design features:

  • An upright working position - no more bending over and quick fastening
  • Ergonomically designed handle and smaller grip for enhanced user comfort
  • Reinforced handle for more consistent feel
designed in comfort
DX 9 - HSN

DX 9 - HSN

Fastener shank length: 15/16 in Cartridge type: 6.8/11 M40 Fastener types: X-HSN 24

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DX 9 - ENP

DX 9 - ENP

Fastener shank length: 3/4 in Cartridge type: 6.8/18 M40 Fastener types: X-ENP-19 L15MXR

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Technical Information