Reconditioned Direct Fastening Tools

Quantities and models change often, so for the most up to date listing contact our Customer Service team at 800-879-8000*

Reconditioned DX 5 F8

Digitally enabled, fully automatic, high-productivity and versatile powder actuated tool for fastening single nails

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Reconditioned DX 5 SM

Digitally enabled, fully automatic, high productivity, powder-actuated nailer for fastening metal decks

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Reconditioned BX 3-ME A22

22V cordless nailer for electrical and mechanical applications 

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Reconditioned BX 3 A22 Case

22V cordless nailer for interior finishing applications

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Reconditioned GX 3 Case

Gas nailer with single power source for drywall track, electrical, mechanical and building construction applications

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Reconditioned GX-IE

Gas nailer for insulation fastening on soft and some tough concrete

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Reconditioned GX 2 A12 Case

Short-stroke gas nailer for drywall track

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Reconditioned DX 76 MX

Semi-automatic, high-productivity, powder-actuated nailer for fastening metal decks

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