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Not your average used power tools

Hilti Certified Reconditioned Tools

Hilti Certified Reconditioned Tools deliver the quality, reliability, and performance you expect from Hilti at an exceptional value, and are backed by our unmatched 20-2-1 warranty.

certified reconditioned used power tools

Inspected and Certified – Once a Hilti, Always a Hilti

Hilti's Recondition & Certification center in Irving, Texas

Specialized technicians at our Recondition & Certification Center in Irving, Texas, examine each tool by hand, conducting a comprehensive inspection and refurbishment process that delivers an exceptional value for your money.

Every refurbished tool includes a Letter of Certification confirming that the tool has been examined, tested, and reconditioned with great attention to detail by one of our expert technicians.  

The warranty you know and trust

reconditioned tools are backed by Hilti's 20-2-1 tool warranty

Each Certified Reconditioned Tool is backed by the same warranty as all-new Hilti tools. 20 year materials and workmanship warranty, 2 year wear and tear coverage, and 1 day guaranteed in and out of the repair center or the repair is free.

Learn more about our warranty here.

Nothing compares to the quality of a Hilti tool, new or refurbished. Purchasing a Hilti Certified Reconditioned tool ensures you the powerful performance and dependability you can count on.  

Shop Our Reconditioned Tools*

Quantities and model availability change frequently, so visit often.

Measuring Tools

reconditioned pocket laser PD 5

Laser Meter PD 5 Reconditioned

Easy-to use laser meter for distance measurements up to 100 m

Purchase $99 (was $269)
pm 2-l red beam line laser

Line Laser PM 2-L Reconditioned

Line laser with 2 lines for leveling, aligning and squaring with red beam

Purchase for $259 (was $289)

Line Laser PM 2-LG Reconditioned

Line laser with 2 lines for leveling, aligning and squaring with green beam

Purchase for $369 (was $419)
PM 40-MG multi-line laser

Multi-line Laser PM 40-MG Reconditioned

Multi-line laser with 3 green lines for plumbing, leveling, aligning and squaring

Purchase for $689 (was $769)
rotating laser PR 2-HS

Rotating laser PR 2-HS A12 Reconditioned

Rotating laser for horizontal leveling of concrete, transferring/checking heights and excavation applications.

Purchase for $1,179 (was $1,320)
PR 30-HVS rotating laser

Rotating Laser PR 30-HVS A12 Reconditioned

Single-slope rotating laser for horizontal leveling of concrete, excavation, vertical alignment of façades/formwork and grading inclinations

Purchase for $1,839 (was $2,049)

SDS-Plus Rotary Hammers

TE 7 Reconditioned tool

Rotary Hammer TE 7 Reconditioned

Compact and light-weight D-grip SDS Plus (TE-C) rotary hammer

Purchase for $299 (was $339)
TE 7-C certified reconditioned

Rotary Hammer TE 7-C Reconditioned

Powerful D-grip, triple-mode SDS Plus (TE-C) rotary hammer with chipping function

Purchase $369 (was $419)

Direct Fastening Tools

DX 5 reconditioned tool

Powder actuated tool DX 5 Reconditioned

Digitally enabled, fully automatic, high-productivity and versatile powder actuated tool for fastening single nails

Purchase for $899 (was $1001.11)
BX 3 battery powered nailer

Battery-actuated tool BX 3 A22 Reconditioned

22V cordless nailer for interior finishing applications

Purchase for $899 (was $1,009)
gas-actuated nailer GX 3

Gas-actuated fastening tool GX 3 Reconditioned

Gas nailer with single power source for drywall track, electrical, mechanical and building construction applications

Purchase for $929 (was $1,035)
certified reconditioned gas-actuated fastening tool GX IE

Gas-actuated fastening tool GX-IE Reconditioned

Gas nailer for insulation fastening on soft and some tough concrete

Purchase for $809 (was $909)
GX 2 gas nailer

Gas-actuated fastening tool GX 2 A12 Reconditioned

Short-stroke gas nailer for drywall track

Purchase for $809 (was $906)

Impact Drivers and Screw Drivers

SID 4-A22 cordless impact driver

Cordless Impact Driver SID 4-A22 Reconditioned

Compact-class cordless 22V impact driver with 1/4" hexagonal click-in chuck 

Purchase for $109 (was $129)

Cordless screwdriver SD 4500-A22 Reconditioned

Cordless 22V drywall screwdriver with 4500 rpm for drywall applications

Purchase for $109 (was $129)
SD-M 1 screw magazine

Screw Magazine SD-M 1 Reconditioned

Screw magazine for collated screws from 25-35 mm long – for interior finishing applications

Purchase for $79 (was $99)
SD-M 2 screw magazine

Screw Magazine SD-M 2 Reconditioned

Screw magazine for collated screws from 25-51 mm long – for interior finishing applications

Purchase for $79 (was $99)


sco 6-a22 cordless cut-out tool

Cordless Cut-Out Tool SCO 6-A22 Reconditioned

22V cordless cut-out tool with brushless motor

Purchase for $169 (was $199)
SCM 22-A cordless circular saw

Cordless circular saw SCM 22-A Reconditioned

22V cordless circular saw for fast, precise and cold cuts in metal

Purchase for $219 (was $249)


Compact charger C4/12

Compact Charger C 4/12-50 Reconditioned

Compact charger for Hilti 12V Li-ion batteries

Purchase for $25 (was $29)

Vacuum Cleaners

VC 75 vacuum cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner VC 75-1-A22 Reconditioned

22V cordless, compact and portable vacuum cleaner – engineered for mobility and user comfort

Purchase for $189 (was $219)
VC 150-10 XE Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum Cleaner VC 150-10 XE Reconditioned

Universal wet and dry vacuum cleaner with built-in power outlet and 150 cfm to comply with OSHA

Purchase for $919 (was $1,029)

Core Drills

DD 150U Reconditioned tool

Core Drill DD 150-U + DD-ST Reconditioned

Versatile diamond drilling system for handheld or rig-based coring up to 160 mm (6-1/4”)

Purchase for $3,329 (was $3,709)

*While supplies last.