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ON!Track Tag

Original operating instructions


General safety instructions

Read all safety instructions and other instructions.
Keep all safety instructions and other instructions for future reference.
General safety instructions
  • Do not cover the type identification plate or other labels.
  • Do not cover openings in the casing of the tool or appliance.
  • Do not obstruct switches, displays and warning lights.
  • To avoid surface damage or chemical reactions, check that the label adhesive is compatible with the surface before applying the label.
  • Keep away from children.
  • Use of an additional primer is recommended in order to improve the adhesion of the labels.
  • If you use additional products supplied by a third party, such as a cleaning agent or primer, observe their instructions.
  • Shelf life is 2 years from the date of manufacture (see packaging).


Intended use

ON!Track Tags are intended to be used to mark items of equipment with a unique identification number for inclusion in the Hilti ON!Track asset management system.

Technical data

Technical data

Application and storage temperature
−20 ℃ … 45 ℃
(−4 ℉ … 113 ℉)
Surface temperature during application
21 ℃ … 38 ℃
(70 ℉ … 100 ℉)

Instructions for use

Gaps in the numerical sequence

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Gaps in the numerical sequence are the result of quality checks. Each package contains 100 ON!Track Tags.

Do not crease or fold

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Do not crease or fold the ON!Track Tag.

Surfaces with a large radius

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Do not attach an ON!Track Tag to a surface with a diameter of less than 100 mm (3.94").

Do not touch the adhesive surface

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Do not touch or contaminate the adhesive surface of the ON!Track Tag when removing it from the roll.

Position for attaching the ON!Track Tag

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Attach the ON!Track Tag only in a position where it is protected from wear and tear.
Make sure that the ON!Track Tag does not project beyond edges.


Cleaning the surface

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Before applying the ON!Track Tag, clean the surface thoroughly to remove all traces of contaminants, especially oil and grease.
We recommend use of a suitable cleaning agent and a lint-free cleaning cloth.
Dry the surface thoroughly in order to achieve optimum adhesion.

Application pressure

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Press the ON!Track Tag down with the heel of your hand or apply even pressure with a roller. The ON!Track Tag achieves a better bond when applied with high pressure.
After applying the ON!Track Tag, wait a few minutes before using the items of equipment.

Manufacturer’s warranty

  • Please contact your local Hilti representative if you have questions about the warranty conditions.