Intumescent Steel Protection

Architectural fire protection for exposed structural steel in interior and exterior applications

Hilti Fire Finish 120+ CFP-SP WB is a high-performance, water-based intumescent fire-resistive material, or IFRM, for architecturally exposed structural steel in interior and exterior applications with approved top coats. This product has been tested for a wide range of beam sizes and ratings and offers key aesthetic and productivity gains to the contractor and installer including:

  • Glass fiber-free formulation
  • Reduced need for post-process sanding
  • Decreased total application cost
intumescent steel protection

Hilti Fire Finish 120+ CFP-SP WB's optimized formula ensures market-leading wet-film thickness buildup per pass, meaning you can safely apply 65 mils of this fire protection product (wet) per pass. Additionally, the glass fiber-free formulation ensures a premium aesthetic finish once applied. This feature reduces the amount of post-process sanding needed with other steel protection products, thus decreasing the total installation cost.

Modern design practice has increasingly incorporated architecturally exposed structural steel, or AESS.  Originally used by structural engineers as a highly elaborate exoskeleton, AESS has evolved into an outlet for both engineers and architects to integrate components of their work into the visibly finished structure.  If these exposed design elements are also part of the primary structural components of the building, the integrity of the structural steel must be protected with an intumescent fire protection coating.


Architects can specify Hilti Fire Finish 120+ CFP-SP WB fiber-free spray with confidence knowing that they will not only get the superior aesthetic finish they desire, but also the dependability and reliability of a fire finish product tested to ASTM E119 and certified for up to a 4-hour fire rating.  Contractors can see a productivity gain by choosing Hilti’s Fire Finish for their next job.  Installers will notice the product’s high wet-film thickness feature allowing them to apply more product per pass and less overall coatings compared to thinner competitor products. 

For superior fire protection of AESS and a distinctive aesthetic finish, look no further than Hilti Fire Finish 120+ CFP-SP WB for your next job.


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Whether it be onsite consultation or corporate engineering support via product testing and engineering judgments, Hilti’s experienced team is ready to support you.  Our technical specialists offer in-depth training on Hilti’s intumescent products in addition to providing a variety of continuing education opportunities covering core applications as well as today’s trending industry topics.

To learn more about Hilti’s steel protection solutions, reach out to our team of technical specialists to schedule an AIA accredited education session. 

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