Hilti unveils 40 innovative products

Branching into New Trade Applications

Hilti unveils 40 innovative products that demonstrate continued leadership in fastening and firestop systems

  • Hilti expands world-class cordless Metal Working portfolio
  • The Market’s Most Powerful Metal Cordless Cutting Tools
  • First Dedicated Preformed Firestop Seal for Metal Deck Construction
  • New Cordless Fastening Tool

PLANO, Texas – January 28, 2020 – Hilti Inc., a commercial construction-focused technology, software and services company, has launched a suite of 40 new tools, systems and accessories. Hilti’s latest innovations affirm the brand’s commitment to providing productivity solutions to commercial construction with the release of their first cordless metal working tools. Simultaneously, Hilti is continuing to grow its leadership stake in both fastening and firestop systems solutions. The new line-up also includes the market’s most powerful cordless cutting tools, a battery-powered cordless fastening tool, BX 3-BT intended to help customers complete high quality installations safely and on time; and, the first preformed firestop solution designed specifically for metal deck construction, Top Track Seal CFS-TTS MD. The launch comes on the heels of introducing the world’s first cordless breaker, the TE 500-A36, in December. 

Save Time When Fastening on Steel

Dedicated for fastening on steel, X-BT threaded studs, the newest BX tool – the BX 3 BT – is designed for use in a wide variety of industrial, electrical, and mechanical applications like hanging strut, attaching bar grating, or grounding a cable lug. Powered by a brushless motor and our 22V batteries, the battery-actuated fastener BX 3-BT uses patented spring-belt technology to perform applications traditionally limited to propellant-based tools without having to manage powder cartridges. You can also avoid using traditional methods such as clamping, welding, and through-bolting with the BX 3 BT and X-BT stud to complete high quality installations safely and on time.

Expanded Direct Fastening Systems

When it comes to hanging sensitive data cables or guiding MC cables or EMT pipes throughout your jobsite, the enhanced Hilti electric fastener portfolio is perfect for everyday applications in electrical and telecommunications. Elements are available for both our powder-actuated tools (DX) and our battery (BX) platform.

The First Preformed Firestop Solution

The first preformed firestop solution, Top Track Seal CFS-TTS MD is designed specifically for metal deck construction providing a firestop smoke and sound seal for head-of-wall joints between top track and gypsum to corrugated metal deck slabs and metal roof decks. Designed as a flexible solution for various track sizes in all applications in metal deck construction, Top Track Seal MD eliminates the need to stuff and spray head-of-wall joints. Simply saddle your track with Top Track Seal MD, attach it, and fill the flutes with our preformed plugs or covers. No messy caulk, spray or mineral wool, and zero waste.

Market’s Most Powerful Cordless Metal Cutting Solutions

The double-cut cordless shears SSH 6-A22 and metal nibbler SPN 6-A22 are the market’s most powerful cordless cutting solutions. Compatible with five different cutting blades, the double cut shear uses two separate cutting edges to remove thin strips of material and is equipped with a “chip clipper” to terminate the cut without any other tools required. The nibbler operates like a fastmoving miniature punch-and-die, removing small bits of metal quickly with extreme precision and accuracy. The 360-degree head rotation make it especially effective on curves, arcs and circles. Three compatible cutting heads make it the industry’s most versatile sheet metal nibbler.

Hilti expands world-class Cordless Metal Working portfolio

Simplify metal working and finishing with three new cordless metal working tools: cordless belt sander GTB 6X-A22, cordless burnisher GPB 6X-A22 and cordless band file GFB 6X-A22. The tools are designed for fabricating stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, brass, copper, and titanium. They make a perfect addition to the construction professional’s tool crib — driving productivity by removing the need for tools with electric cords or pneumatic hoses.

12V Cordless Tools: Longer Lifetime, More Runtime

With enhancements made for improving the number of applications completed per day, the 12V cordless impact driver SID 2-A12, cordless screwdriver SFD 2-A12 and cordless hammer drill driver SF 2H-A12 are built to last. They feature brushless motors and up to 50% more work per charge when combined with the new B12V 4.0 Ah battery. Keeping comfort in mind, the designs boast a compact and ergonomic grip, helping reduce fatigue on the jobsite. Engineered for pre-fabrication work and finishing work, this tool family is the perfect addition to your tool box for drilling holes, or controlled fastening.

Cut Larger Diameter Conductors & guy wires in Seconds

Designed to quickly and easily cut ACSR conductors, extra high strength (EHS) guy wires and ground rods, the cordless hydraulic wire cutter NCT 45-A22 has a 350 degree rotating head allowing it to make cuts in difficult locations. The light-weight, ergonomic design promotes safety and improves performance, and saves you space in your toolbox.

Reciprocating Saw Provides Extreme Power

Built for the heaviest demolition work, the new reciprocating saw SR 30 is engineered to give you a firm, two-handed grip for slicing smoothly through tougher metal, wood and construction materials. The saw features advanced ergonomics with Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) technology for added operator comfort, and the reimagined keyless blade clamp improves productivity with quick and easy blade changes.

Expanded Cordless Jigsaw Portfolio

The cordless jig saw SJT 6-A22, expands Hilti’s cordless jig saw portfolio and is perfect for both production serial cutting, and for precision detailed work. It can tackle the most challenging cuts — like beveling up to 45 degrees, or fast cutting in wood with three levels of orbital action. Powered by Hilti’s 22V battery, this jig saw outperforms most corded tools of its kind.

Masonry Core Bits for Any Project

Hilti has expanded the selection of its diamond core bits. Construction professionals can choose the line to best meet their needs for performance, productivity, and price. When paired with the Hilti DD 110 or DD 150 core motor and Hilti vacuum system, the SPX-L, SP-L, and P-L masonry bits are optimized for dry diamond core drilling in masonry base materials. Hilti’s new line of masonry core bits has you covered for you next project.

Core Pre-Stressed Concrete with Ease

Drilling through pre-stressed, hollow, and wire mesh-embedded concrete is tough, but the unique segment spacing of the SP-U core bit busts through the most challenging jobs. Featuring a new diamond matrix, optimal size high-grade diamonds, and our Equidist technology, the SP-U core bits achieve a one-of- a-kind combination of high cutting speed and long life, making it tough enough to meet your most challenging jobsite demands.

Quicker Cleanup When Coring

Coring through drywall track just got up to 40% faster with the drywall track water collector WCS-D. Specifically designed to fit both 3-5/8” and 6” track, the WCS-D provides the versatility to drill through drywall track while using the Hilti WMS 100 water management system which collects and recycles concrete slurry. Add this enhancement to your WMS 100 and improve productivity by spending less time managing water supply, slurry, and dust removal.

Power Meets Productivity with the Touch of a Button

Experience efficiency at its best with the new autofeed unit to assist with core drilling. Simply attach the DD AF-CA to the DD 350-CA or the DD 500-CA coring system and press start. The improved auto-start functionality provides optimized hole-starting based on core bit diameters, and a new feature allowing operators to core through voids and loose-base materials. With DD AF-CA complete a variety of tasks at a safe distance, and let the tool take on the coring job on its own.

Continued evolution of drilling and integrated dust control for Anchor and Rebar Installation

The most productive hollow drill bits, the TE-YD and TE-CD, are now available in the widest application range ever offered, with new diameters and lengths. While drilling with Hilti’s TE-CD and TE-YD hollow drill bits, dust is removed with the Hilti vacuum system, making hole cleaning before injecting adhesives obsolete, which allows for faster drilling and a virtually dust-free working environment. Elevate your drilling for anchor and rebar installation by adding Hilti’s hollow drill bits to your next chemical anchor project.

Drilling Speed Up to 20% Faster

Delivering up to 20% more work per charge and drilling up to 25% faster than the previous model, the cordless hammer drill offers versatility with universal use in wood, masonry, metal, and other materials. The tool features built in Active Torque Control (ATC) and helps improve safety by stopping the operation of the tool if it gets bound up drilling or driving. With the SF 6H-A22, you’ll experience increased performance and safety without sacrificing the lifetime of the tool.

Ultimate Jobsite Transportation Solution

The new REDiPAK folding hand truck will redefine the way you work with its outside-the-box transportation solutions. Designed specifically with contractors in mind, the versatile, three layers can withstand heavy weights and hold an infinite collection of jobsite essentials.

Instant Upgrade: DeWalt* Magazine Adapter

When it comes to hanging drywall, using collated screws provides speedier installation, safer handling, and reduced waste. In the past, collated systems had to match your tool, but now, with the magazine adapter SD-DWA, you can instantly upgrade your DeWalt cordless DCF620 tool with Hilti’s more efficient and innovative SD M2 collated magazine and screw system.

*DeWalt is a registered trademark of Stanley Black and Decker.

Industry Best Tool Warranty

Dedicated to helping customers improve productivity, Hilti offers innovative tools for professionals including the best warranty and services in the industry. Hilti tools are backed by an industry best Tool Warranty* – 20 years of repair or replacement of defective parts; two years no cost repair including wear and tear; and a guaranteed one-day turn-around on repairs – and are fully available for those customers experiencing the unprecedented flexibility and service of Hilti Tool Fleet Management.

*Tool warranty. Some limitations apply. Contact Hilti for details.

About Hilti Inc.

Hilti is a world-leading provider of high quality, innovative and specialized tools, fastening systems and software-based solutions for the professional user. With more than 3,800 highly trained Hilti account managers, engineers, and Hilti employees throughout North America, Hilti expertise covers the areas of powder actuated fastening, drilling and demolition, diamond coring and cutting, measuring, firestopping, screw fastening, adhesive and mechanical anchoring, strut and hanger systems, solutions for tool park productivity as well as worker health and safety.