PROFIS Engineering Suite Software

Advance Anchor Design for Increased Productivity

PROFIS Engineering Suite Software

PLANO, Texas– Feb. 4, 2019PROFIS Engineering Suite, the latest release of anchor design software from Hilti, has a major focus on increasing productivity and improving value. Combining anchor and base plate design and analysis into one cloud-based software offers engineers unmatched workflow improvements and productivity gains. Engineers and specifiers can also reduce design time with PROFIS Engineering Suite’s automatic load transfers and multiple load combination processing. 

PROFIS Engineering Suite’s advanced reporting, user-friendly interface, and BIM/CAD exporting empower engineers and specifiers to tackle more complex anchor projects with greater ease and confidence. Additional features like notifications, template creation and an undo button help maximize productivity while improving project collaboration. The result is less duplication of effort and more peace of mind, knowing that your designs are being implemented exactly as intended.

PROFIS Engineering Suite Features

  • Cloud-enabled access and file sharing via desktop, tablet, or smartphone
  • Multiple ACI and CSA Codes
  • Easy integration of detailed anchor design reports
  • Post-installed anchors
  • Castin-place anchors
  • Rigid base plate analysis
  • Masonry design (ASD, no OST)
  • Quick exporting to BIM/CAD
  • Anchoring to masonry
  • Concrete over metal deck base material
  • Multiple load combinations
  • Load engine
  • Import loads from Excel
  • Customizable report


Oliver Glockner, Head of Application Software Product Management at Hilti said, “We see that connections and anchoring, as well as workflows, are getting more and more complex. The most successful structural engineers in the future will be the ones that apply the latest analysis technology to help improve their speed, accuracy, and workflow processes.”

Nick Heinlen, Project Engineer at Dunaway, said "We’re really excited about the concrete over metal deck module because that usually has to be done by hand. Now, with PROFIS Engineering Suite we can now do it more accurately.”

Valerie Baehr, Senior Project Manager at PMA Engineering, said, "In Hilti’s hands, we have high expectations that we can accomplish more with PROFIS Engineering Suite’s anchoring into concrete on deck module and anticipate that the software will help us solve complex anchor design challenges."

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