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Online gas saw safety training course

Find out how to use gas saws more safely on your jobsites with this practice-oriented course designed for the realities of construction today.

Learn about the “STOP principle”

This online training course helps you gain insight into the potential hazards of gas saw use, then shows preventative measures based on the “STOP principle”.

Find out safer techniques for all aspects of gas saw use

Get an overview of the safety features of gas saws, then learn the correct operating procedures and safety precautions. Find out how to reduce risks during preparation, cutting, transport and storage.

Improve awareness and expertise

This gas saw safety training is designed to help improve your team’s command of safety-related aspects when working with gas saws.

Get recognized for gaining new professional skills

Every participant receives a training certificate for successful completion of this interactive online course. The course in intended for anyone who regularly uses angle grinders on the jobsite or in the shop.

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