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Better for your business

Fixed-rate subscription for your chosen combination of Hilti services. Combine flat-rate freight with other services designed to boost efficiency, productivity or safety.

Predictable spending

Pay for all included services as a fixed monthly or annual fee, helping to keep your project spend under control and reduce invoice processing costs.

Consistent freight costs

No matter how you place the order (online, via your Account Manager, by phone, etc.), the shipping costs stay the same.


Easily upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription to match the needs of your current projects.

Avoid downtime at the jobsite

Get your items delivered to the jobsite at no extra cost, instead of emergency trips to a store (not available in all bundles).

Invoice transparency

No more invoice discrepancies due to questions on the freight charges.

Technical Data

Consulting & Support

Ratings & Reviews

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Hilti Smart Service Subscription

Take advantage of unlimited deliveries and access to our digital learning platform

At Hilti, we understand how important it is to manage variable costs. With Hilti Smart, choose from one of four subscription tiers based on your specific needs to help cut costs while staying on schedule.

Benefits of Hilti Smart Service


Customers who join Hilti Smart can plan their variable expenses and pay a planned annual or monthly fee.


Choose the service tier that is right for your unique business needs and, as your business changes, Hilti Smart can change with you. Upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time.


Hilti Smart subscription services start at just $75 a month and contain a variety of Hilti’s superior services.

What's included?

Unlimited Shipping and Tool Repair Freight

  • Unlimited shipping to your desired delivery locations at the speed you need with four convenient subscription tiers to fit your business
  • A wide range of delivery services options including ground, jobsite, and same day
  • Unlimited free shipping on your out of warranty standard tool repairs when you select Premium or Ultimate

Health and Safety Trainings

  • Complimentary HSE eLearning sessions through Hilti Academy, including on-demand trainings and certifications on topics like health and safety, power tools, fastening and fire protection
  • Accessible across all your devices and available in multiple languages

Learn more about Hilti Academy

Hilti Smart Service Subscription Tiers

  Starter Standard Premium Ultimate
Monthly Membership (per month) $75 $125 $275 $525
Annual Membership (per year) $750 $1,250 $2,750 $5,250

Ground Shipping:

Saver (2-4 business days)

UPS Pick-up Locations

Standard (1-3 business days)






Jobsite Courier / Jobsite Same Day*:

Jobsite Courier

Jobsite Same Day



Tool Service Delivery: 

Freight on Repairs Outside of Warranty





Hilti Academy Trainings:

HSE eLearning Modules

20 Sessions

20 Sessions

20 Sessions

20 Sessions

* Jobsite courier and same day services are only available in select cities. To view the terms and conditions of the Hilti SMART freight subscription program click here

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