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Features & Applications

  • Low spark cuts – cermet tipped blades offer cold cutting and lower sparks, chipping, adhesion, and heat build-up to help reduce fire hazards
  • Burr free cuts – cermet tips generate less noise and vibration for quieter and smoother cuts with a burr free finish
  • Optimized for the NRC 6-22 Rebar cutter – unique arbor allows for optimal transmission of torque between tool and blade for increased performance
  • More teeth, less kerf – Xcut blades help you cut longer, safer, and faster with extra thin kerf to reduce cutting forces and extra teeth for increased cutting speed
  • Flush cuts up to 5/32” to the surface
  • Flush cuts up to 3.5mm to the surface
  • Trimming up to #8 post-installed rebar
  • Trimming up to M25 post-installed rebar
  • Serial cutting up to #8 threaded rods (steel and stainless steel)

Technical Data

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