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Features & Applications

  • Engineered to cut more in less time – helping to drive down your cost-per-cut
  • Zirconia aluminum grain – lasts much longer, cuts faster and minimizes vibration, for a more precise result in less time
  • Virtually contaminant-free abrasives – suitable for cutting stainless steel and carbon steel
  • Helps to reduce time spent reworking – when you need a cleaner edge without discoloration, thinner and cooler-cutting zirconia cut-off wheels are essential
  • Recommended for cordless tools – these high-quality zirconium cutting wheels can help you cut faster with any angle grinder
  • Cutting carbon and stainless steel with high cutting speed
  • Cutting a wide range of light- and heavy-duty metal workpieces – steel and stainless steel pipes, rods, profiles and metal sheets

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