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Features & Applications

  • Full adjustability – up to 40 mm along the length of the girder for higher cutting tolerance on the jobsite
  • No welding required – for faster, more efficient installation
  • Leaner inventory – this new solution uses fewer and lighter components than previous Hilti divider beam connectors, so you can do more with the same parts
  • Corrosion resistance – hot-dip galvanized to help protect against moisture and chemical corrosion
  • Part of the Hilti MT system – an economical, all-in-one solution for virtually all modular MEP support structures
  • Constructing MT-80, MT-90 and MT-100 divider beams/rail guards in elevator shafts
  • Fastening long-span, wall-to-wall supports for medium/heavy-load pipes using MT-80, MT-90 or MT-100 girders
  • Supports for medium/heavy-load air ducts and cabling between two adjacent walls

Technical Data

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