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Features & Applications

  • Quick and simple installation – designed to help increase your productivity and reduce labor costs – fewer working steps (one and done)
  • Significantly boosts your productivity vs. traditional methods: stuff & spray and castle cut drywall - allowing you to meet your critical construction time-lines
  • No spray, no mess, no equipment, no power needed & zero waste
  • Hilti foil protected plugs and covers are easy to install and provide a tight smoke and sound seal with no itchy mineral wool exposed to the installer
  • Hilti-branded foils allow for easy inspections
  • Firestop, smoke and sound seal for head-of-wall joints between gypsum walls to corrugated metal deck & metal roof decks
  • CFS-TTS MD OS is designed as a flexible solution for various track sizes, applications and joints around the beam
  • CFS-TTS MD 600 is designed for 6” track width only

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