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Features & Applications

  • Quick and simple installation – designed to help increase your productivity and reduce labor costs
  • Peace of mind – firestop cast-in sleeves help to remove scope for errors compared to traditional methods, leading to more reliable firestopping of vertical penetrations
  • Creates an opening with the firestop already included – no coming back for firestopping required
  • Moisture and smoke seal integrated into the cast-in sleeve – no additional backfilling required
  • Steel deck reinforcement or additional shoring may not be needed to support steel deck as a form during the construction phase
  • Creating openings in corrugated metal deck slabs to run pipes or conduits
  • Designed to work in composite W3 and W2 floor decks for a wide number of manufacturers
  • Sealing combustible and non-combustible penetrations
  • For slab thicknesses from 2.5” up to 6” from top of the deck
  • Concrete floor assemblies rated up to 3 hours

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