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Features & Applications

  • Unmatched combination of load capacity, productivity and simplicity – new dual-action technology combining the performance of adhesive anchors with the installation speed and simplicity of screw anchors
  • Easier to install – SafeSet method and pre-configured adhesive capsules reduce the number of steps in the installation process and eliminate the need for accessories like brushes, air pumps and dispensers
  • Up to 4x faster installation than injectable mortars – significantly reduce labor costs due to faster, easier setting with an impact driver, and possibility of immediate loading
  • Extensive technical data including ESR for concrete, seismic category A-F – maximum application coverage and design flexibility fully supported by the PROFIS Engineering software suite
  • The Kwik-X Dual Action anchor comprises the KHC adhesive capsule and the KH-EZ screw anchor (please order separately) for high-performance anchoring of steel to concrete
  • Fastening structural and non-structural steel baseplates to concrete
  • Industrial fastenings – racking, machinery and other equipment

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Kwik-X Dual Action Anchor

Simplicity of a mechanical anchor with high capacity performance of an adhesive

Save time on the jobsite and help minimize the risk of installer error with the Kwik-X system, comprised of the Kwik-HUS Capsule (KHC) and Kwik HUS-EZ screw anchor, Kwik-X is the only Dual Action system on the market. Dual action technology offers the high performance of adhesive anchors and the installation speed and simplicity of screw anchors.


  • Fastening structural and non-structural steel baseplates to concrete
  • Industrial fastenings - racking, machinery and other equipment


Dual Action Technology

Provides an unmatched combination of load capacity, productivity and simplicity to help you save time on the jobsite.

Up to 4x Faster Installation

Significantly reduces labor costs due to faster setting with an impact wrench and possibility of immediate loading.

Efficient Installation

Eliminates the use of additional steps like hole cleaning, epoxy injection and curing without compromising the integrity of the application.

Maximum Coverage

Allows you to have maximum application coverage in cracked concrete and seismic categories A-F with a design flexibility fully supported by the PROFIS Engineering software suite. 


DRILL the hole

DROP the capsule

DRIVE in the screw

And you're DONE

Hilti Safeset Installation

With Kwik-X and SafeSet methods of installation, cleaning is not a requirement, reducing or eliminating the need for manual cleaning. Utilizing SafeSet ensures OSHA Table 1 compliance (ie ensuring OSHA 19226.1145 Table 1 compliant installation).

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Faster and safer solutions for your connections from steel skeletons and staircases to handrails and outdoor seating – help speed up design and installation of your baseplates without compromising on quality and safety.

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Additional Fastening and Concrete Anchoring Solutions

Injectable Adhesive Anchors

With a wide range of chemical anchor fasteners, our injectable mortars are designed for rebar and anchoring applications and can be used on concrete and masonry.

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Capsule Adhesive Anchors

Covered by international approvals for applications in concrete, our capsule adhesive anchors can be used for sequential applications with fixed embedment depth. 

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Anchor bolts and rods

With a broad portfolio of high quality, ready to use off-the-shelf, and custom cut-to-length anchor rods, our anchor rods and bolts provide a decisive connection between adhesives and your fastening point.

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Concrete screw anchors

For a permanent and temporary application solutions, our concrete screw anchor can be used in solid brick and hollow-core slabs.

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