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Show me upper-body exoskeletons to help ease fatigue and help to avoid injuries when working overhead

Worker using the EXO-T-22 to help with chiseling

Construction Exoskeletons

Help extend your performance with Hilti's exoskeletons

Hilti’s new transformative technology is designed to help improve jobsite efficiency, while assisting to alleviate upper-body fatigue and pain resulting from repetitive overhead tasks. 

Whether you're using the EXO-T-22 to help lighten your load and extend your performance with breakers, or the EXO-S to help delay fatigue with overhead work, Hilti wants to better ensure you're getting the most out of your EXO on the jobsite. Hilti offers implementation, training and support for your EXO. It’s one more way Hilti is there for you from start to finish.

Fewer injuries and muscle strain with the EXO-T-22

Help keep your teams safer during wall breaking and repetitive drilling jobs

The battery-powered EXO-T-22 continuously and automatically redistributes tool weight to your hips as you work thanks to a system of motorized pulleys controlled by intelligent software. The result? Breakers and rotary hammers up to 37lbs feel almost weightless, which can help your crews work more comfortably and with better posture during wall-facing jobs at hip to head height. As part of an overall safety plan, this can help reduce common causes of injury such as muscle pain or working when fatigued.

Maximum productivity for wall jobs

Helping enable crews to work faster and more precisely

Finding people to do tough work like wall demolition or repetitive rebar drilling can be a challenge. Because the EXO-T-22 Tool balancer means virtually weightless tool handling, it helps enable more of your workers to do this type of work. Since the EXO-T-22 helps make tougher work lightweight, crew members can use a heavier a tool, helping to increase speed and efficiency.

For added convenience, it is powered by the same Nuron batteries as our breakers and rotary hammers.

Worker using the EXO-S to assist with overhead work

Help Reduce Strain and Fatigue with the EXO-S

Redefine overhead work with Hilti's upper-body exoskeleton

For both experienced and novice users, the EXO-S helps maintain high productivity levels on the jobsite by aiding in the reduction of upper-body fatigue and pain resulting from repetitive overhead tasks. The EXO-S construction exoskeleton helps increase comfort levels in demanding overhead and shoulder height applications like drywall, piping, air duct, cables and conduit installation among others.

Offering an unimpeded range of motion in an easier-to-wear and ultralight solution weighing in at less than 6 lbs., the EXO-S provides dynamic support without restricting the span of motion of the arm and torso. The EXO-S leverages passive exoskeleton technology that is intuitive, well-balanced and easier-to-adjust on a wide range of body types. 

Retain workers more easily

Attract and retain skilled labor

The EXO-S construction exoskeleton reimagines overhead applications allowing you to more effectively tackle overhead work. During a time when the construction industry is experiencing a labor shortage, the EXO-S helps provide support for virtually any overhead installation work. 

Created specifically for the construction industry, Hilti’s innovative upper-body exoskeleton solution helps alleviate the impact of physically intensive work. This can help reduce fatigue for your crew, and in turn aid with sustained efficiency – assisting you in attracting and retaining skilled labor.

EXO-S Construction Exoskeleton Applications

Interior Finishing

  • Suspended ceiling
  • Ceiling and wall sanding
  • Painting
  • Insulation

Building Construction

  • Finishing (grinding)
  • Heaving drilling (bridges, rebar)
  • Slab formwork


  • Piping (HVAC)
  • Sprinkler 
  • Air duct installation


  • Drilling overhead
  • Cable fixation overhead
  • IT infrastructure

Fitting and set-up

  • EXO-T set-up

    The EXO-T is attached to your body like a hiking backpack. To get the right fit, just adjust the hip and shoulder straps. You then place the tool in one of our two rugged tool holders designed specially for the EXO-T and you're ready to go.

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  • How to adjust the EXO-S

    Learn how to adjust the EXO-S to best fit your frame. Find out more by reading below or watching the How To video.

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How to adapt your EXO-S for the best fit

Adjust the EXO-S for height

  • For better comfort, the highest point of the shoulder hinge should be parallel with your shoulder
  • Press the release button on the height adjuster
  • Adjust to the desired height, making sure both sides are set to the same size.

Adjust the EXO-S for width

  • For better comfort, the back braces should be parallel with one another, and aligned with shoulder blades
  • Disengage the hook of the spacing adjuster
  • Lengthen / shorten the waist belt as desired, noting the height and waist size dimensions don't necessarily have to match.
  • Slip the EXO-S on to your shoulders and check the symmetrical positioning of the waist belt.  The ball sockets must be fixed vertically relative to the shoulder blades and can be tilted outward (V-Shape), depending on your upper-body build.  Your hands must be free to swing without hinderance.  

Adjust the EXO-S for tensioning assistance

The tension-support range of the EXO-S can also be adjusted depending on the job or preference:

  • Turn the knob clockwise (+) for more assistance, turn it counter-clockwise (-) for less assistance.
  • Assistance is optimal when gravity is enough to make your arms drop, without further exertion on your part.  It is not recommended to set assistance to a value higher than this; any lower setting is possible, in accordance with your preference.


As with all Hilti’s solutions, we offer EXO implementation, training and support services on the jobsite for you and your crew, helping to ensure that you’ve got the right fit and are able to take advantage of all the benefits of this transformative technology. 

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