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Features & Applications

  • A much faster and safer fastening system compared to welding
  • No risk of burn-through – little to no painting re-work needed
  • The unique design helps HSN 24 nails covers its full application range with red cartridges
  • Can be used on epoxy-coated or galvanized joists with little risk of zinc fumes
  • Performs well in inclement weather conditions
  • Fastening metal roof decks to 1/8" to 3/8" thick bar joists
  • Fastening metal floor decks to 1/8" to 3/8" bar joists and light-gauge steel structures

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Deck Fastener X-HSN 24

Raise the ceiling for productivity on metal deck installation

Metal decking gets welded to bar joists. It’s the way things have always been done. But engineering analysis proves there’s a better way—in terms of physical performance, visual inspection and jobsite productivity.

That’s the story behind the Hilti Deck Fastener X-HSN 24. It’s eight times more efficient than arc welding. It holds longer. And it stands out for visual inspection. The video below tells the story.

Get attached to a new way

The minute your installers try this mechanical deck fastening system, they will become very attached to a new way of doing things as quickly as the decking is attached to the bar joists. Designed to work optimally with Hilti red boosters in a number of applications, the X-HSN 24 provides consistent deck fastening at the most difficult connection points – even for four-layer connections.

Aside from not having to bend to weld, and being able to finish the job in less than 15% of the time it takes to weld, everyone will appreciate how the red collar on the X-HSN 24 helps to speed confirmation of properly attached decking.

Discover the difference

X-HSN 24


  • Longer, fully knurled shank increases load capacities and improves performance in four-layer connections.
  • Red collation provides for easy identification and inspection.
  • One pin and one booster satisfy base steels from 1/8” to 3/8” thick.
X-HSN approval logos


Testing shows Hilti Mechanical Fasteners are more ductile for the long-term sustainability of the diaphragm design than other forms of attachment – such as puddle welds.

Why choose mechanical fasteners over conventional welds
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