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Features & Applications

  • 3D digital design content for Hilti products and support libraries for modular frame supports
  • Embeds design rules and product connection logic to ensure the constructability and reliability of designs
  • Lets you easily adapt an engineering specification to a project specification using MS Excel spreadsheets
  • Fully compliant with host environment workflows for business as usual
  • A must-have for engineers and designers planning their next CAPEx project using modular solutions
  • Plug-in has more than 700+ Hilti Parts from Hilti Channel and Strut Library
  • Plug-in has some generic assemblies along with Hilti connection logic, which allows to make constructable supports
  • Designing by using smart support templates for rule-based frame supports such as I, L, T, U-shape, wall-to-wall or channel to steel/concrete – please refer to the manual supplied with the product for more details
  • Designing multi-disciplinary frame supports for pipes, cable trays and HVAC ducts or combining multiple supports to create more complex support structures
  • Creating bills of materials and drawings in compliance with the engineering design basis

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