Features & Applications

  • 3-phase technology with optimum application characteristics (easily shapeable foam)
  • Easily applied with a Hilti battery dispenser
  • Neat and tidy application
  • Very quick and easy to install, with only one product, and provides a reliable firestop seal
  • Maintenance and retrofitting of cables is very easy
  • Electrical: Cable, cable bundles, cable trays and cable trunkings. Mixed penetrations. Repenetration of single cables. Combi approvals with CFS-BL blocks especially for large openings or special segment applications (telecom, industrial)
  • Mechanical: Non combustible (metal) pipes with mineral wool / non flammable insulation. Small combustible (plastic) pipes. No smoke/gastight additional sealing and no backing material required.
  • Can be used for LAR applications
  • Combustable pipes up to 110 mm, with firesetop collar
  • Conduits and conduit bundles

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