Corporate venture for construction tech

Define the future of construction

Development assistance for your construction startup

Are you a startup entrepreneur with a background in construction? Or working on a fundamental technology, curious how it could support a construction use case? The Hilti Group can help your breakthrough for construction technology to go global.

Tackling new challenges

Although the Hilti Group is perhaps best known for power tools, today we deliver solutions for all phases of building procurement. Our customers include Architects, Engineers, Specifiers, Tradesmen, Project Managers, Building Owners and Facility Managers. Their jobs are being transformed by construction tech integration, often thanks to inventive startups. If you have thought of a way to help the construction industry overcome tomorrow's challenges, we want to hear from you.

What are we looking for?

In short: we are looking to form a partnership of equals. You don't need to have construction sector use cases in mind already – we are interested in the underlying technologies as much as their application to our industry. Even if you don't yet have the business acumen, you can partner with the Hilti Group to co-create the long-term viability of your prototype. Our research, development and testing facilities are at the ready.

We are looking for:

  • Teams that have completed Seed or A-Round funding
  • Promising technology from academia
  • Firms interested in an accelerator to help with market access
  • Those interested in scaling up from local to global who have business models gaining traction using our global distribution network

No matter what form our partnership takes, there are seven areas where we focus our development activity:

Our construction tech interests

Virtual twin of a building before construction, showing on-site using augmented reality

Digital twin capture and processing

Two construction workers using robotic layout tools to position building elements on the jobsite

Robotics and computer vision

Two construction workers using new, tablet-based software to share information from the design office to the construction site

Cloud-based software to enhance collaboration at the jobsite and office

Handshake between human hand wearing PPE and a virtual, augmented reality hand, symbolizing the use of artificial intelligence to better serve customer needs

Marketing technologies that simplify getting the right info to the right user

Hilti nailer with wireless data connection to smartphone, used to transfer real-time user, maintenance and warranty information to a cloud-based tool tracking platform

Internet of Things and jobsite connectivity

Two construction workers using a cutting-edge transparent tablet to visualize construction and engineering data on the building site

Mixed reality and voice assistants for user support

Cordless hammer drill with technologically advanced Li-ion power tool battery used to fasten a formwork prop on site

Battery-related materials and software

What do we offer construction tech startups?

Finding product-market fit can be a challenge for new technologies in the traditionally conservative construction market. The Hilti Group’s history and unique corporate structure could position your venture to satisfy a strong market demand. The partnership can take the form of an investment, or the Hilti Group becoming your customer.

Direct customer contact

Over 20,000 Account Managers keep us close to our customers, bringing new technologies directly to their jobsites, gathering feedback and consistently growing our understanding of their needs.

Worldwide reach

We visit more than 250,000 customers every day in 120 countries. Our websites are maintained in 42 languages. Partnering with the Hilti Group gives you access to worldwide customer demand via an established distribution network.

Local support

Three dedicated venture offices – in San Francisco (Swissnex), Tel Aviv and at Hilti Group HQ in Liechtenstein – connect with teams in the tech ecosystem every day, and contribute to the advancement of this movement. 

Long-term planning

As a private company with eight decades of history, we keep the focus on the long-term. We appreciate that sustainable growth depends on perseverance.

In-house R&D culture

We launch over 50 new solutions every year. Partnering with the Hilti Group gives you access to a rigorous engineering, design and business ally to support the search for product-market fit.

How to Get Started

As the "outside-in" tech office team, we are working closely with the global startup community to select the most promising ventures and technologies related to construction technology or the built environment – turning them into solutions that change the game for our customers.

Your pitch will go through multiple review stages, each of which is selective.

The venture selection process

1. Pre-selection

We take a first look at your technology, capabilities and ideas to make sure that we have shared goals. Click the submission link below to get the ball rolling.

2. Introduction

We'll invite you to meet subject-matter experts and management from within the Hilti Group. Together, you can brainstorm potential paths forward for your venture.

3. Evaluation

If it gets this far, your venture will be exhaustively evaluated, for example through a structured proof of concept test that engages your team and ours.

4. Due diligence

A routine review to ensure that no legal, safety or environmental factors stand in the way of your breakthrough’s success.

5. Development

In the form of a partnership and/or investment, we will work together to magnify your team's impact and sustainability in the construction industry.

Submit your proposal

No matter if you have preliminary questions or are ready to submit a pitch, please contact us using the link below.

We review every application received, but please note that the pre-selection process can take up to four weeks.