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PROFIS Ferroscan MAP

PC software

Features & Applications
  • Capable of combining multiple scans in large-area views for visual presentation (in 2D and 3D views)
  • Allows evaluation and visualization of areas up to 45 x 45 m
  • Data export in various formats 2D (BMP, JPG, ...) and 3D (DXF, COLLADA, PLY, X3D, ..)
  • Simple and fast data handling for hundreds of scans
  • PC application works with Quickscan Recordings and Imagescans
  • Subsequent scan data analysis on a PC for rebar analysis or depth of concrete cover analysis including statistics and assessment reports
  • Building acceptance inspections, rebar verification and analysis as well as quality control for large-area views
  • Concrete cover assessment over large areas showing where depth of cover is inadequate, for structural repair work and statistics
  • Allows export of scan data for use with popular design applications such as AutoCad, Trimble SketchUp and many more
  • Creates an accurate 3D model of what is actually in the concrete structure and allows integration in the BIM platform in order to create more efficient, accurate, cost-effective and reliable project planning to support design, refurbishment or extension of existing structures
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