Features & Applications

  • Measure direct distances up to 200 m with high accuracy (+/- 1 mm)
  • Position the laser point outdoors easily with camera targeting
  • Touch, tap, and swipe on user-friendly Android touchscreen menus
  • Document accurate measurements clearly onto photos, spreadsheets, and other shareable files
  • Save thousands of measuring results with 8 GB built-in memory
  • Taking difficult outdoor measurements such as scaffolding and roofing dimensions
  • Avoiding bending down to the ground to take measurements, as the PD-CS is compatible with the Hilti PDA 72 long extension (sold separately)
  • Preparing documentation of quality checks to ensure work was fully completed to specification or for listing faults that need to be fixed
  • Clear documentation of measurements while making a quotation to win a job, or for purchasing materials
  • Checking a repeated series of measurements requiring many measurements, such as formwork heights or railings

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