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Learn how to get the most out of ON!Track

Just signed up to ON!Track? New to Asset Management? Want to learn how to get the most out of your new software? We're here to help!

Below you will find a series of ON!Track how-to videos to help with everything from basic setup, different types of asset registration, report generation and much more.

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ON!Track Support Playlist

Initial Set up

  • Activating your account 
  • Resetting your password 
  • ON!Track Overview 


Assets and Consumables

  • Adding a Hilti Asset 
  • Adding a non-Hilti Asset 
  • Adding a Consumable 
  • Finding an Asset 
  • Transferring a Consumable 
  • Transferring an Asset 



  • Add an employee 
  • Adding an employee role 
  • Adding a location 
  • Adding a template 
  • Running a Report 


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ON!Track Support Videos

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