ON!Track Release Notes

ON!Track provides frequent releases and updates to the web and mobile software applications in order to continuously improve and add functionality for its users. Find all the details about each software release below.

Release date: 2/2020
Version: 3.4 Web and App
Release Type: Minor
Release details:

  • Improved system stability and monitoring
  • Improved mobile app performance for customers with vast asset parks
  • Faster and more stable loading time of the Active Tracking map
  • Increased reliability of Active Tracking for asset registration and map updates
  • Improved Active Tracking map update back-end algorithm
  • Improved Active Tracking logs quality available on user devices
  • Field request date format now displayed in the required format for each country
  • Improved translations in some areas of the application
  • Improved consistency and experience between Android and IOS
  • PDFs not opening in IOS solved with a work-around (KB0138196 and KB0138341)
  • Improved the E-mail Alerts system in order to avoid sending notifications for customers regarding retired assets
  • Improved PDF Delivery Notes format to avoid the information becoming scrambled (i.e. text overlapping with other text)
  • Improved transfer page in conjunction with scanning/adding the same asset again (causing the count of assets to mismatch)
  • Fixed web issue of wrong attachments being download after sorting attachments and attempting to download one
  • Improved tenant deletion function to adhere to GDPR requirements


Release date: 10/2019
Version: 3.3 Mobile App
Release type: Minor
Release details:
In-transit assets can now be confirmed automatically in order to transfer them back to their default location.


Release date: 7/2019
Version: 3.2.7 Mobile App
Release type: Minor
Release details
Increased the number of barcode types supported by the new scanning technology, which allows you to accurately scan much faster, at wider angles and under different light conditions.


Release date: 6/2019
Version: 3.2.5 Web & Mobile App  
Release type: Minor
Release details:
- New Scanning Library:
 Update to a new SDK (Software Development Kit) library for improved barcode scanning via the mobile application. Ensuring verification if a scan code is registered in a customer account and fixing an issue with the number of scanned assets.
- Transfer Improvement: Making “To Location” field mandatory while performing a transfer on the Mobile app.
- NFR Update: Updating the minimum supported OS version displayed on the mobile app store and on the product info page.
- Issue Fixes: Additional minor bug fixes


Release date: 4/2019
Version: 3.2 Web & Mobile App
Release type: Major
Release details
- MOBILE: Home Screen Updated
- MOBILE: A Newly Added Request Feature
- MOBILE: Add To Transfer Cart Updated
- MOBILE: Edit Asset Details Updated
- MOBILE: Add Item Barcode Scanner Updated
- MOBILE: Image Upload Failed Messages Added
- MOBILE: Task code Field to Transfer Added
- WEB: Counter For Selected Assets Added
- WEB: Automatically Email Delivery Note Added
- WEB: Editing Stock Locations For Consumables And Impact On Archive Location Added
- ACTIVE TRACKING: New Colum In The Grid “BLE LAST SEEN” Added
- BUG FIXES: More than 20 bug fixes to improve the performance of ON!Track.


Release date: 1/2019
Version: 3.15 Mobile App
Release type: Minor    
Release details 
OS support and bug update


Release date:  10/2018
Version: 3.1 Web & Mobile App
Release type: Minor
Release details
- Transfer Queue:
You can manage any pending and failed transfers in the new Transfer Queue feature. You can edit these items and either resubmit or delete them from the queue.
- Select consumables and commodities from multiple locations: You can now control the “Quantity” and “From Location” (including the ability to select from multiple locations). 
- Transfer Error: You have now the ability to view the reasons behind a failed transfer and command actions regarding them.
- Next Scheduled service info is now easier to access: You can see the next scheduled service in the side panel for up to 25 services.
- Transferring consumables/commodities: Whenever transferring commodity or consumable, user’s location is pre-populated with user’s location. In addition, you can also choose whether you want to have confirm delivery function used or not. 
- Various bug fixes: More than 20 bug fixes to improve the performance of ON!Track.


Release date: 6/2018
Version: 3.0 Web & Mobile App
Release type: Major
Release details
- Transferring Consumables/Commodities:
To improve transparency and better usability while confirming delivery on mobile the From location and the quantity are shown.
- Request a Tool Repair: Select your tool from ON!Track and click on the “wrench button” to request a repair via Hilti Online.
- Category & ID Management: Re-design of the Asset Details section for more ease of use and transparency.
- Alerts: We’ve re-worked how the various alerts being generated to improve and fix their reliability.
- Service Templates: Updating service intervals on template level now updates all Assets service intervals which mapped to the service.


Release date: 3/2018
Version: 2.9 Web & Mobile App
Release type: Major
Release details
- Friendly Names:
Now you can also give friendly names for your Consumables and Commodities.
- Service History: Edit your tool's service history at any time, so you can keep correct track of it.
- Asset Templates: Add attachments like user manuals or certificates to your Asset templates, so whenever you add a new tool of this kind it will have it as attachment.
- Transfer Cart: See your tool's description when you are transferring it in the transfer cart! (Added Description column to the transfer cart. 


Release date: 10/2017
Version: 2.8 Software
Release type: Major
Release details
- Easily add and complete services from mobile: You can now easily add and complete services of your assets on the mobile app as well including uploading service attachments for it.
- View and download asset attachments on the mobile app: Always have your user manuals and checklists ready.
- Add attachments to employee certificates: Certificates can be renewed, have attachments and their complete history viewable on the web.


Release date: 3/2017
Version: 2.5 Web App
Release type: Minor
Release details
- Track asset ownership and responsibility securely with the revamped confirm delivery feature (including a signature field on the mobile app). 
- With the new location management concept of “location states”, manage your locations more easily by archiving completed jobsites. 
- View the most recently completed services along with their attachments directly on the mobile app. 
- Additional information on Hilti specific assets and data has been implemented and is viewable in the web app. 
- Global searches in the web app has been improved for large customers with over 5,000 assets or locations. 
- The resolution of some synchronization inconsistencies and other minor bug fixes were completed. 
- Three new languages are now supported: Czech, Slovakian, and Turkish. 
- Employee picture: Option to upload a profile picture of every user on the web.