ON!Track Release Notes

ON!Track provides frequent releases and updates to the web and mobile software applications in order to continuously improve and add functionality for its users. Find all the details about each software release below.

Release Notes: PI1 2021

We are very happy to announce the release of PI1/2021! This release contains a series of improvements across the whole platform, and marks the start of the ON!Track mobile app connecting directly to selected Hilti tools.

Smart Hilti Tools

We introduce the first Hilti tool specific features in ON!Track, that help you to get even more value out of your new Hilti tools. The ON!Track 3 mobile app connects directly to our new diamond coring tools DD 150 and DD 250, both to give you valuable information and advice about utilization, as well as allowing you to personalize your tools.

  • Adjustment the startup screen settings of your DD 150 and DD 250
  • Display of usage data of your DD 150 and DD 250, helping you to to improve the way you operate the tools, thereby improving both productivity and tool lifetime​​

Quantity Items

We further strengthen Quantity Items, our brand new solution for digitally managing consumables and commodities in ON!Track. Most importantly, we introduce many improvements in our mobile app allowing you to better create, edit and manage the stock of your consumables and commodities.

  • Inventory Check support for Quantity Items, to cover your complete inventory
  • Minimum stock alerts via email, in addition to the in-application alert
  • Custom Views for Quantity Items, allowing you to personalize the list view just like in other areas of ON!Track
  • Clone existing Quantity Item, making you much faster in creating new variants of already existing items (e.g. gloves in different sizes) without having to enter the basic master data every time
  • Edit Quantity Items in the mobile app
  • Quick Transfers of Quantity Items, allowing making simple transfers very fast, available both from the items list view and the allocations view
  • Onboarding and cloning of Quantity Items on mobile
  • Extended stock management operations available in the mobile app, such as Stock Status Change, Restock, Stock Correction


We are introducing features in the area of Reports that make it easier to automate reporting as well as to distribute ON!Track reports within or outside of your company. This makes it easier for you and your colleagues to get the most value out of the powerful data in ON!Track.

  • Schedule Report lets you trigger an automatic report generation for any report template on regular basis, e.g. weekly or monthly
  • Share Report lets you send reports to other ON!Track users or external email recipients

And much more...

  • Repair Request lets you trigger repair orders for your Hilti tools straight out of the ON!Track platform
  • New filters in the asset list view, allowing for filtering on current location type and default location type
  • Support for setting default location in Multi Edit
  • Asset list view can now contain the fields Last Service Date and Next Service Date, including the ability to sort by these service dates, making it easier to plan service fulfillment
  • At transfer in the mobile app, the scanning will be kept active, for consecutive scanning of multiple assets
  • The Confirm Delivery Alert on the home screen makes you aware of there are assets in transit awaiting your confirmation
  • Confirm Delivery can now be set specifically for transfers in the mobile app
  • The asset list view in the mobile app now contains name, description and responsible worker, making it easier to quickly identify your assets
  • Asset assignment to worker only (without location) has been simplified to allow for a shorter transfer workflow
  • The Transfer Signature as part of the transfer workflow allows for collection of the receiver's signature directly on the display of the mobile device, and integrates this signature in the transfer delivery note
  • You can now add both assets and Hilti tools with our iOS mobile app

We wish you lots of fun and success with our latest ON!Track release, and are already working on the next wave of improvements to support your digitization journey!