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Hilti Connect App

Hilti Connect App

We are driven to offer the best professional tool and asset management services for your company.

The Hilti Connect app is part of our vision to create a connected jobsite along with ON!Track and connected tools. Hilti Connect provides instant access to unique tool information that helps you make informed decisions on the jobsite to be more productive.

The Hilti Connect app will help you:

  • Stay up to date with your tools’ service status and repair history
  • Request a maintenance or repair service from wherever you are
  • Get immediate access to relevant “how-to” videos and manuals or check out related products that help get the job done effectively

The relevant information about all of your Hilti tools is accessible via the app and NFC tag inside the tool, allowing you to easily identify the tool and access all its unique information even when the serial number is unreadable. All you need is to download the free Hilti Connect app on your smartphone.

To access your tool data in the Hilti Connect app, you need a Hilti Online username and password.

If you don't have a Hilti Online profile yet, click here to get started

Hilti Connect Overview

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Benefits of using the Hilti Connect App

  • Hilti Connect app identifying your tool
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    Problems identifying a tool?

    The Hilti Connect app identifies your tool and shows you the tool type, serial number, company name, and purchase date etc. All you need is your Hilti Online username and password to get started. Currently only Android phones have NFC capabilities. iPhone users can still search by serial number or tool type to see all available tool information.

  • Hilti Connect app tool service status
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    Want to check the tool information and service history?

    The Hilti Connect app keeps track of when your warranty or fleet contract expires so you don't have to.

  • Hilti Connect app repair and replace functionality
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    Should the tool be repaired or replaced?

    The app displays the last time the tool was repaired, how many times it has been repaired as well as the total amount spent on repair, giving you total transparency to make an informed decision.

  • Hilti Connect app tool servicing functionality
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    Need to send your tool in for repair?

    With the touch of a button you can initiate the tool repair process and receive a shipping label to send your tool in for repair.

  • Hilti Connect app tool handling tips
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    Looking to learn more about your tool?

    Instant access to specific how-to videos as well as operating instructions.

  • Hilti Connect app tool accessories
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    What accessories are available for this tool?

    Hilti Connect suggests the best accessories or related products for your jobsite application and facilitates the purchasing directly online for authorized users.

  • Hilti Connect app tool usage
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    Want to see tool usage information?

    Hilti Connect tracks tool usage for our newest Direct Fastening tool, the DX 5, keeping you informed on when to clean your tool or schedule a maintenance request.

  • Hilti connect rating plate
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    Is my tool NFC enabled? How do I know?

    The rating plate will show a “Connected” Symbol, even if your tool is not new. At the end of September 2017 we will start to retrofit all tools that we service in our tool service centers with new NFC tags for free.

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