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Calibration Services

Keep your Hilti measuring tools working better—longer.

You want to be as precise as possible—whether it’s estimating, layout or construction. But a number of things can get in your way, including normal wear and tear on precision measuring tools. 

Fortunately, Hilti measuring tools are designed to minimize down time and increase longevity. And when you factor in superior service for the life of the tool, you’ll know you’re getting the best possible performance—and the best value for your investment. 

Start with a higher level of trust

Unlike conventional alignment tools—tape measures, spirit levels, plumb lines, squares and chalk lines—Hilti laser tools deliver millimeter accuracy over long distances. 

Build more trust over time

Higher accuracy is only an advantage if you can maintain it over time. Many Hilti tools use built-in features—such as shock-absorbing technology, auto-sensing and auto-leveling—to ensure you maintain that accuracy even when tools are moved, bumped or knocked over. And Hilti Calibration Services provide a reliable way to confirm that accuracy for the long haul—including no-cost wear-and-tear coverage in the first two years of ownership.

Get it in writing

Hilti provides written confirmation of accuracy for each measuring tool at the time of the calibration services. You can use that calibration confirmation as poof of certification, in accordance with ISO 900X, if required for your job.

Be assured

Contact a Hilti Customer Service representative to learn more about Hilti Calibration Services and the Hilti Tool Warranty