Total Stations

Automated accuracy for distance, level, and slope

Every generation of drafting, layout and measurement tools improves upon previous generations—from slide rules to computers, and from blueprints to CAD software. Today, Hilti Total Stations help you evolve your leveling capabilities—with the addition of embedded digital layout files to electronic optical measuring systems.

The result is a tool that lets you measure and mark positions and elevations accurately, point for point, according to your latest design plans. And that’s just the beginning.

Mechanical Total Stations

Accurate measurement and positioning for common applications across many construction disciplines


  • Accurately measure distances to surfaces without reflectors
  • Mark fastening points in the vertical plane of façades and walls
  • Lay out positions and levels for excavations and formwork 
  • Measure slopes and offsets accurately
  • Check and align structural components 


Robotic Total Stations

The added convenience of one-person operation

Thanks to remote-control features on the PLT 300, a single operator equipped with a remote controller can perform more than four times the number of layout points per day (350) than a team of two workers using traditional manual layout tools.