Green lasers will take you further

More visibility and more productivity with green lasers

Laser visibility is key for indoor construction work and since green is the most visible color to the human eye, Hilti has developed a full collection of green lasers to adapt to every application and working distance.

Hilti Green Laser tools provide greater visibility, eliminate the need for multiple setups and locations, and helps minimize the likelihood of costly rework due to errors. Your crew can work comfortably from further away – and even remove the need to use receivers. This means increased productivity on the job and more green toward your bottom line.

green laser

Learn more about why green is four times more visible than red

Hilti Green Line Lasers

Get the advantage with Hilti Green Lasers, offering the latest diode technology with four times better visibility and increased accuracy.

hilti green lasers

Line Lasers


PM 2-LG Green Laser: Two-Axis Precision

Ideal for mid-size jobsite, the PM 2-LG Green Laser delivers sharp, easy-to-read green lines up to 33 ft on both the vertical and horizontal axis and its large fan angle covers wider working areas from a single position.

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PM 40-MG Multi line Green Laser

PM 40-MG Multi-Directional Laser

With two vertical lines, perfect right angles and a 360° horizontal line, the Hilti Multiline laser PM 40-MG delivers the layout accuracy you demand and the speed you need in any indoor leveling application — from suspending ceilings and laying out drywall to leveling and aligning fixtures, pipes, doors, and windows.

The PM 40-MG fully integrates Hilti’s B12 battery platform, with long run times and short charge times. Its green laser is 4 times more visible than red lasers, so you can work at distances up to 65 feet without needing accessories to mark the beam.

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Rotating Lasers

PR 3 HVSG rotating laser

PR 3-HVSG Rotating Laser: Robust and Versatile

With its ability to switch from a rotating laser beam to a stationary green laser line in either a vertical or horizontal plane, the PR 3-HVSG Green Laser gives you the flexibility to handle more types of construction projects with a single tool.

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PR 30-HVS rotating laser

PR 30-HVSG Automatic Rotating Laser: Productivity Beyond 900 Feet

The all new PR 30-HVSG green rotating laser brings industry leading green light visibility and robustness to the market. The hand assembled core module is encased in an industrial grade resin which can sustain drops of up to 6 feet while maintaining accuracy.

The Auto Alignment System™ and Auto-Surveillance function make aligning the beam as simple as a double-click on the receiver, increasing productivity. In addition, the PRA 30G remote/receiver simplifies the job and makes the PR 30-HVSG a one-person operation! Get free unlimited calibrations with Hilti Fleet Management.

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