Rotating Laser Level

360 degree visibility with rugged all-around reliability

Bumps, falls and drops happen. Your goal is to prevent as many as you can—and to minimize the impacts of the rest. Hilti rotating laser levels not only help you perfect site grading, concrete pours, foundation layouts and drop-ceiling installation, they also help safeguard your tool investment with the built-in protection of drop-resistant technology.

Shock absorbing handles protecting the rotating laser level’s exterior literally help it bounce back from a fall, even when mounted on a 5-foot tripod. Internal energy-absorbing materials and resin encasements help protect the inner components. And auto-alignment keeps indicator lines in position better than any manually positioned strings or stakes.

rotating laser levels

Exterior Rotating Lasers

Outdoors tough, out-of-this-world reliable

While a damaged rotating laser level without drop-resistant technology might have you seeing red on your ledger sheet, Hilti exterior rotating laser levels will have you seeing red exactly where you expect it. On still-to-be-graded soils. Along the tops of leveled concrete forms, fencing and foundations. Even along the boundaries of slopes yet to be formed.

exterior rotating laser

Interior Rotating Laser Levels

A visible difference in performance

When working indoors makes it difficult to read a red laser level, Hilti interior rotating laser levels use a green laser that is more visible to the naked eye under a broader range of conditions.

interior rotating laser levels

Drop Resistance Technology

Bumps, falls and drops can happen

Hilti is the first company to transform sensitive job site layout instruments into rugged, productive power tools. Rotating laser levels provide a work space with 360 degrees as a reference of level and can be used in all types of work environments such as site grading, pouring concrete, installing fences, laying out foundations, and installing drop-ceilings.