Interior Rotating Lasers

4X greater visibility for interior applications

You know from experience that choosing the right tool for the job not only makes the work easier, but it can also pay added dividends in terms of productivity. Tools like the Hilti Interior Rotating Laser PR 3-HVSG feature green laser beams that deliver four times greater visibility than red lasers.

With greater visibility, you can minimize the number of times your crews have to set up a tool to project layout lines accurately—even across larger workspaces. So you can speed up construction with clear, accurate lines for piping or cable trays, suspended ceilings or drywall framing. 

Whatever the task, the built-in durability of Hilti internal and external shock-absorbing construction protects your investment against damage from accidental drops

interior rotating lasers
PR 3 HVSG rotating laser


  • Leveling - suspended ceilings, transferring heights
  • Squaring - walls, partitions
  • Aligning - pipe runs and cable trays
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PR 30-HVSG rotating laser

PR 30-HVSG A12

  • Leveling – suspended ceilings, raised floors, transferring heights
  • Squaring – partition walls
  • Aligning – drywall, pipe runs, cable trays etc.
  • Grading – inclined interior ceilings, hand rails, pipes etc.
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“The only brand I trust is Hilti.”

"When it comes to a contractor grade, rugged rotary laser, the only brand I trust is Hilti. The PR 3-HVSG Interior Rotating Laser is no exception to this rule and is the ideal tool for large-scale layout and alignment. ...Overall, in the month or so I’ve had the Hilti rotary laser, it’s performed above and beyond in everything I’ve asked it to do and it’s never complained about a few of the soft blows it’s taken. For anyone in the market for a professional grade rotary laser, the Hilti PR 3-HVSG is, without a doubt, the tool for the job."

Frank Kecesti

PR 3 HVSG for interior applications
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Overview of the PR 3-HVSG

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Hilti Rotating Laser Levels

Hilti is the first company to transform sensitive jobsite layout instruments into rugged, productive power tools.