Exterior Rotating Lasers

Precision laser leveling for rough jobsites

We know the challenges you face. So we made sure to surround our state-of-the-art laser level technology with multiple layers of protection that can withstand the realities of any jobsite. 

Hilti rotating laser levels feature vibration-reducing cushions to absorb shock, resin-encapsulated critical components that resist breakage, and impact-absorbing handles to protect against falls from a 5-foot tripod. This means your level will be just as precise after an accidental drop as it was before.

exterior rotating laser

Horizontal height transfer

Vertical alignment

Single slope alignment

Double slope alignment


PR 2-HS A12

  • Horizontal leveling and grading
  • Ideal for pouring concrete and transferring reference heights
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PR 30-HVS A12

  • Versatile performance for both horizontal and vertical measuring tasks
  • Digital grading function
  • Extend vertical building lines or set out grades and slopes 
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PR 300-HV2S

PR 300-HV2S

  • For horizontal, vertical and dual-grade slope applications
  • Set out grading alignments in two planes
  • Separate programmable adjustments in the x-axis and y-axis 
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Exterior Rotating Lasers

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PR 300-HV2S, PR 30-HVS and PR 2-HS

Hilti is the first to offer precision rotating lasers capable of handling the toughest jobsite conditions.

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Hilti Rotating Laser Levels

Hilti is the first company to transform sensitive jobsite layout instruments into rugged, productive power tools.