Laser measure

Laser measuring tools have been around for more than 20 years, and the concept has caught on in many applications. But Hilti laser measure technology continues to grow in ways that enable you to expand your productivity to more job-specific situations than ever before.

From laser measure capabilities in straight-line measurement to multiline laser measure tools for plumb alignment and squaring, you now have more options for improved accuracy, convenience and productivity across the wide range of laser measure tool options outlined below.

laser measuring tools
Laser Range Meters

Laser Range Meters

Hilti laser range meters represent laser distance measuring at its simplest. Point, click and accurately capture distances between two points of a job site single-handedly, without even having to walk the distance.

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Laser Distance Measurer

Laser Distance Measurer

New capabilities in Hilti laser measure devices are taking the original range of laser measurements to new extremes. In addition to single-handed simplicity and accuracy in one-person laser measurement, new devices include real- time digital camera targeting. This is ideal for outdoor applications where the laser dot is not visible and for the ability to use our new “Measure from Photo” feature.

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Pocket Lasers

Pocket Lasers

Whether you call them pocket lasers or not, these compact positioning tools—point lasers and multiline lasers—pack rugged reliability in a small package.

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Point Lasers

Point Lasers

Whichever axis orientation you’re marking—vertical, horizontal or front to back, Hilti point lasers help you plumb and square objects with versatility and laser-calibrated accuracy that boosts productivity.

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Line Lasers

Line Lasers

Pinpoint alignment by converting to the laser equivalent of blue chalk lines—green for indoors, red for outdoors—that can be viewed across open spaces and on walls, floors or suspended items. Hilti line laser tools are useful for aligning suspended ceilings, piping, sockets, junction boxes and more.

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Multline Lasers

Multiline Lasers

Whether you call them multiline lasers, multidirectional lasers or combilasers, these laser measuring tools offer more opportunities for better accuracy in multiple applications—leveling, aligning, plumbing and squaring—for doors and windows, drywall tracks, piping, electrical junction boxes and much more.

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Your Hilti Tool Warranty—Warranty Redefined

tool warranty

All our laser measure and detection systems tools are supported by the Hilti Tool Warranty.

  • For the first 20 years, we will repair or replace parts that break from defects in materials or workmanship.
  • For the first two years from date of purchase, we provide wear-and-tear coverage at no cost.
  • We guarantee to have every tool repair in and out of our repair center in one day or the repair is free.
  • On top of all that, every Hilti laser measure tool comes with one free calibration per year for your first two years of ownership.

*Some exceptions apply. See the Hilti Tool Warranty page for details.