Hilti laser range meters that deliver +/- 1/16" accuracy at ranges up to 656 feet

We’ve designed these laser range meters to survive the challenging real-world environments where you use them every day.

  • Measuring long distances with just one person. 
  • Increasing worker safety by calculating indirect measurements high in the air without ever leaving the ground. 
  • Providing convenient one-handed operation in units weighing just a few ounces.
laser range meters

Point-to-point measurements

Brace the laser range meter on a solid point, aim at your target and capture the straight-line distance instantly.

Indirect calculations

Need to determine the height between two inaccessible points? Internal tilt sensors in Hilti laser range meters detect the angles for start-point and end-point readings to calculate an indirect measurement between the two.


Simple buttons, built-in optical viewfinders and an intuitive interface make it easy to capture exact measurements, even with a gloved hand—just point and click.

Easy visibility

Interior and exterior models and sensor-automated backlighting satisfy common work environments. And our new e-paper screen technology provides superior readability, even in direct sunlight.

Always on target

The versatility of Hilti laser range meters simplifies the accurate measurement you want, regardless of jobsite conditions.

Your Hilti Tool Warranty—Warranty Redefined

tool warranty

All our laser measure and detection systems tools are supported by the Hilti Tool Warranty.


  • For the first 20 years, we will repair or replace parts that break from defects in materials or workmanship.
  • For the first two years from date of purchase, we provide wear-and-tear coverage at no cost.
  • We guarantee to have every tool repair in and out of our repair center in one day or the repair is free.
  • On top of all that, every Hilti laser measure tool comes with one free calibration per year for your first two years of ownership.


*Some exceptions apply. See the Hilti Tool Warranty page for details.