Concrete Scanner PS 50

In-depth concrete scanning for deeper insight

Building structures from the ground up is hard enough. But dealing with items embedded in cured concrete, block walls, or drywall can be equally challenging. As concrete construction specialists, Hilti designers have developed a way to help you “see” into concrete and other structures to make hidden pitfalls on your job more visible. The Hilti Concrete Scanner PS 50 can help you save time by being able to locate objects you want to find, quickly and efficiently. And it can help you save money by avoiding hidden objects you don’t want to damage, without having to pay for an outside subcontractor. 

concrete scanning with the PS 50

Do More With the PS 50

See More

  • Detect a variety of materials—ferrous and non-ferrous metal, wood, plastic pipes, electrical conduits, live wires, and voids or cavities.
  • Quickly and easily locate objects hidden beneath the surface of floors or walls prior to drilling, coring, sawing or slitting.
  • Trace under-floor heating pipes or other pipe and cable runs.

Know More

  • Easily locate and identify material types and approximate embedment depths—up to 5-7/8 inches—with no expert skills required.
  • Instill peace of mind when working on renovations or projects where reliable plans are no longer available
  • Set anchors in hollow or thermally activated slabs, with greater confidence.
  • Quickly locate studs for more efficient fastening

Save More

  • Maintain in-house control without paying for expensive outside scanning services. 
  • Avoid costly repairs and damaged drill bits, plus save time, by knowing where to drill before you start. 
  • Minimize the risk of hitting concealed objects when drilling anchor holes or through penetrations for pipe and cable installations. 
  • Use one tool with multiple scanning modes to satisfy different base materials—concrete, wet concrete, floor heating, drywall, hollow brick, and universal modes.