Electrical Fasteners

Elements designed to fasten cables and conduits to both concrete and steel

Hilti’s wide selection of electrical fasteners covers applications such as securing conduit and switchboxes, fastening cables and light fixtures, and suspending conduit and cable from rods and wires.

Our portfolio of electrical fasteners is compatible with both Hilti powder and battery-actuated systems.

Ceiling Clips and Drop Rods

Used to hang cables and conduits from the ceiling. Compatible with various main mid and low-voltage elements.

Learn more about ceiling clips and drop rods

Cable Fasteners

Used to hang and attach low and mid-voltage cables.

Learn more about cable hanging elements Learn more about cable attachments

Conduit Fasteners

Used to hang and attach EMT conduits.

Learn more about conduit hanging elements Learn more about conduit attachments

Hilti E-Fastener Portfolio