Meet the future of rebar drill bits

The first SDS MAX drill bit ever equipped with a six-cutter head

Rebar is no match for the newly designed TE-YX  concrete drill bit which features the first ever head with six cutting edges. 

One third of drilled holes involve hitting rebar which create delays that can quickly add up down the line. The innovative design of the new TE-YX SDS Max bit helps eliminates those delays and drills through rebar up to 30% faster and offers and increased lifetime of up to 50%. 

With the largest size range offering in the market, Hilti is the top choice for all your concrete drilling jobs. 


TE-YX Six Cutter

The first ever SDS-Max six-cutter drill bit

New additional cutting edges on bit diameters 1-3/8” and up offer an improved hold on base material and minimize direct or partial rebar hits that often cause a bit to jam.

Advantages at a glance

  • Up to 50% longer lifetime
  • Virtually no jamming in rebar hits
  • Stronger and lighter body construction
TE-YX Four Cutter head redesign

The four cutting edges TE-YX redesigned

Redesigned by our engineers for increased effectiveness on reinforced concrete, our 1/2” to 1-1/4” drill bits feature optimized heads with four cutting edges.

Advantages at a glance

  • Up to 30% faster rebar drilling saves valuable time
  • Optimized full carbide head for aggressive drilling progress and longer lifetime
TE-YX Wear Mark

Backed by a wear mark warranty

We stand 100% behind our TE-YX drill bits. Our warranty is simple and easy on the customer. No need to track receipts or read between the lines of fine print. Simply put, if your bit breaks, bends, or becomes unusable and the wear mark is still visible, we’ll replace it at no charge to you. 

Hilti bits, hammer drills, and Dust Management Systems can handle your toughest jobs

TE 60-A36 cordless rotary hammer

Power and versatility with the rotary hammer TE 60-A36

The cordless rotary hammer TE 60-A36 SDS Max is the ideal tool for concrete drilling and chiseling. And it pairs perfectly with the new TE-YX hammer drill bits to deliver exceptionally high performance. 

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TE-YX SDS-Max drill bits used with the TE 70-ATC/AVR combihammer

For All Hammer Drills With SDS-MAX

The new TE-YX SDS Max drill bits with six or four cutting edges are the best for heavy duty concrete drilling, even with rebar. Use with Hilti’s wide range of rotary hammers, like the TE 70-ATC/AVR. 

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DRS-Y dust removal system

DRS-Y Dust Removal System

Dust removal system for concrete drilling and chiseling with Hilti SDS Max (TE-Y) rotary hammers.

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DRS-D dust removal system

DRS-D Dust Removal System

Dust removal system for concrete and masonry drilling with all rotary hammers.

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TE-YD hollow drill bit

TE-YD Hollow Drill Bits

Ultimate SDS Max (TE-Y) imperial and metric hollow hammer drill bits for virtually dust-free drilling in concrete.

Shop TE-YD (SDS Max) imperial Shop TE-YD (SDS Max) metric
Hilti vacuums

Hilti Vacuums

Hilti's wet and dry vacuum cleaners are designed to help keep the jobsite clean and virtually dust free.

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