Demolition Hammers And Concrete Breakers

More breaking. Less breaking down.

Hilti demolition hammers and concrete breakers are designed to balance maximum performance with exceptional comfort and control.

No matter the application, you can find a durable, dependable Hilti demolition hammer or concrete breaker with innovative features based on years of research and field-testing.

Browse the tools below, or contact a Customer Service Representative for expert guidance in choosing the best product for your needs.

Demolition Hammer TE 500

Demolition Hammer TE 500

Chisel concrete and masonry walls. Create channels in concrete and masonry. Repair concrete. Remove plaster and tiles. Chisel breaches and penetrations for pipes in walls and floors. Use with TE-Y (SDS MAX) chisels

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Demolition Hammer TE 700-AVR

Demolition Hammer TE 700-AVR

Demo heavy masonry and brick walls. Remove plaster. Remove tile on walls and floors. Create window and door openings. Perform bushing and roughening. Use with TE-Y (SDS MAX) chisels

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TE 800 AVR

Demolition Hammer TE 800-AVR

Demo walls. Correct floor slabs. Break out openings in concrete for doors and windows. Use with TE-S chisels

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TE 1000 AVR

Concrete Breaker TE 1000-AVR

Demo concrete and masonry at floor level or below waist level. Renovate floors of all types. Remove tiles, bushing and compacting. Perform corrective chiseling, such as making adjustments to door and window openings. Use with TE-S chisels.

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TE 2000 AVR

Concrete Breaker TE 2000-AVR

Perform medium demolition at or near floor level. Expose reinforcement in foundations. Break out openings in concrete for stairs, risers and shafts. Create large channels in floors (e.g. for waste water pipes). Break up asphalt in surface renewal work (e.g. sewer maintenance). Use with TE-SPX chisels.

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TE 3000-AVR

Concrete Breaker TE 3000-AVR

Use in applications where an air/compression tool is not feasible. Break up to 6 tons of concrete per hour. Demo concrete slabs and foundations. Break up asphalt for road building, repair work and pipe laying. Remove concrete for rebar connections and utility connections. Use with TE-H chisels

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ultimate chisels

Ultimate Chisels

Hilti polygon chisels provide the highest reliability and a longer lifetime, making it your best partner for breaking concrete. Our innovative pointed chisel delivers more breaking power, higher bending strength, and better dust control.

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