Grinding Concrete

Extraordinary solutions for everyday grinding

With tools and systems from Hilti, grinding concrete can go from a dusty and time-consuming chore to a quicker, cleaner process.

Grinding concrete

Thanks to their refined diamond cup design, Hilti grinding wheels help crews grind concrete faster than ever. Best of all, they’re designed to last longer, too. Plus, when you add a vacuum system to capture concrete dust at the source, you’ll have an all-in-one solution for concrete dust control.

Clean up the process of grinding concrete. Contact a Hilti representative for guidance. 

Grinding Wheels

Overview of Hilti diamond cup wheels
diamond cup wheels

Diamond Cup Wheels: Every one is special

There’s more than one way to finish the job. That’s why Hilti diamond cup wheels offer so many unique formulations of cutting surfaces and wheel layouts to handle all your concrete grinding applications—from green concrete, to screed or epoxy removal to fine finishes.

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Diamond cup wheel DG-CW SPX 6" universal

Diamond Cup Wheel SPX: A cut above

Make faster progress on the job of roughing or leveling concrete, screed, or natural stone with this unique diamond cup wheel designed with unique pin holes for better segment cooling. Cooler wheel performance leads to faster cutting progress and longer life when grinding concrete.

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DG 150 diamond grinder

Diamond Grinder DG 150: Integrated dust-free grinding

Achieve virtually dust-free performance when grinding concrete, natural stone, or masonry with the Hilti Diamond Grinder DG 150’s integral concrete dust collection hood connected to a Hilti vacuum cleaner.

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Hilti vacuums for dust control

Hilti Vacuums: Plan for a clean get-away

Set your work crews up to make a cleaner, faster getaway after grinding concrete. Hilti concrete dust solutions help keep productivity high. Hilti filter technology helps you leave job sites cleaner in less time. Plus, an optional HEPA filter can turn your vacuum into a self-contained HEPA system.

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