Grinder Blades, Wheels, and Discs

Blades that help shave seconds and cut costs

Concrete. Screed. Stone. Brick. Metal pipes, rods, or sheets. It takes all kinds of grinder blades to handle a variety of materials. So Hilti offers the selection you need for metal and concrete removal, cutting and finishing throughout the course of a project.


Grinder Blades, Wheels, Discs

Match the blade composition and construction to the work at hand—just as you would match your grinding and cutting tools to the nature of your application. 

Questions? Contact a Hilti grinder blades specialist for expert guidance and support. 

Control your cuts; control your costs.

Diamond Blades

Diamond Blades: a cut above.

Our diamond concrete cutting blades are designed to increase productivity and safety on the jobsite, minimizing downtime. Use our handy color-coding as a guide to find the right blade for your job.

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Diamond cutting disc

Diamond Cutting Discs: Task-Specific Performance.

Hilti diamond-cutting specialists have developed multiple blade designs for fast cutting and long-lasting performance geared specifically to the tasks at hand.

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Dimaond Cup wheel

Diamond Cup Wheels: Run Dry; Run Cool.

Long-lasting, high-performance grinder blades take concrete finishing to the extreme across applications ranging from green concrete to coating removal to fine finishes. They are perfect complements to the Hilti Diamond Grinder DG 150.

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Abrasive cutting discs

Abrasive cutting discs: Cut. Grind. Polish. Brush.

Enhance the utility of your tool investment, whether you’re cutting rebar, grinding welds, brushing rust away, or polishing stainless steel to a high luster. Hilti designers provide the grain size and performance features you need in a wide selection of Hilti abrasive discs and brushes.

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