Compliance and safety made simpler.

Why use any old Shop-Vac® to remove concrete dust when you can use an integrated system to capture concrete dust at its source? Why not keep it out of the work environment in the first place?

The Hilti approach to concrete dust removal empowers you to achieve more than just compliance with new OSHA regulations. It can also help create the cleaner, healthier work environment you want for your crews. That’s because it captures concrete dust as it’s generated—not after it’s released into the work environment. 

Explore our integrated tool and vacuum systems below, or speak with a Hilti concrete construction specialist, to develop a more comprehensive concrete dust strategy for OSHA compliance and a cleaner work environment. 

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Hilti Universal Vacuum Cleaner VC 40-UE

Introducing the Hilti universal vacuum cleaner VC 40-UE, featuring an onboard plug for ultimate tool system performance and productivity for removing concrete dust.

VC 20-U and VC 40-U
VC 20-U/40-U: Your source of power

Combined with Hilti power tools featuring concrete dust removal systems, these Hilti wet / dry vacuum cleaners do more to keep productivity high. And Hilti AirBoost filter technology delivers high suction and longer filter life.

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DCH 230/300 diamond cutters
Diamond Cutter DCH 230/300: Make cleaner cuts

With concrete dust collection hoods integrated right into their tool housings, these two handheld diamond cutters steer concrete dust right from the cutting blade to the attached vacuum to keep the air on your job site cleaner and healthier.

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DG 150 diamond grinder
Diamond Grinder DG 150: Integrated dust-free grinding

Achieve virtually dust-free grinding in concrete, natural stone, and masonry applications when using this tool with the integral concrete dust collection hood, Hilti diamond cup wheels, and the Hilti VC 40-U vacuum cleaner.

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