A more complete approach to total productivity

When your tools work together, you can get more done in a day. That’s the idea behind Hilti grinders, blades, and dust removal systems.

Hilti grinders

Faster, cleaner cuts with Hilti

Hilti grinders deliver cleaner cuts and finishes in less time on a variety of work surfaces. When they’re used in conjunction with the right blades and dust removal accessories, they can keep your work environment cleaner. And thanks to the Hilti Tool Warranty, you’ll get lasting performance and peace of mind. Try Hilti grinders, blades, and dust removal systems, and see how the application-matched diamond grinding cup wheels and abrasive metal-cutting blades work to bring out the best in corded or cordless grinder tools.

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Cutting and Grinding

hilti grinders

Angle Grinders: Multiple-medium versatility

Cut, grind, and polish across a variety of metal and concrete applications with advanced features.

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concrete grinders

Concrete Grinders: For a clean finish

Clear the air and put a smooth finishing touch on concrete work, with Hilti concrete grinders, diamond cup wheels, and dust removal systems.

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concrete and abrasive blades

Grinder Blades: The cutting edge of productivity

Long-lasting Hilti concrete-grinder diamond blades and abrasive metal-cutting discs keep the productivity of your grinders at the leading edge.

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concrete dust removal vacuum systems

Concrete Dust Removal Systems: Clean as you go

Take concrete dust out of the equation – for ergonomic and labor-saving benefits – by removing it at the point of contact.

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