DSH 600-X

Our latest DSH-X hand-held gas saw addition for cutting concrete, brick, block, and metal

DSH 600-X

*Wheels for the DSH 600-X sold separately

DSH 600-X

Features and Benefits

The DSH 600-X features a blade brake for improved user safety.

The optional DSH-P water pump gives it the independence it needs from water supplies during wet cutting and helps ensure that the operator adheres to the stringent dust regulations. The optional DSH-P water pump provides a higher level of job site mobility during wet cutting and can be used with all gas saws in the DSH-X range – all you need is a water bucket or any static water source. 

The DSH 600-X has an unrivalled 60 cc engine and is equipped with a 12" blade that achieves a maximum cutting depth of 4-3/4" – a cutting depth usually only achieved with a significantly larger 14" blade.  The smaller blade not only helps save costs, it also makes this new saw extremely light and compact for a saw of this performance class. 

To top it off the ergonomic top-handle design and low vibration level make it very easy to maneuver.

DSH 600-X


Hilti DSH-X gas saw range easy start- technology

Easy-start technology
Easy-start technology eliminates the manual choke for more first- pull starts and reduces the risk of flooding significantly.

Hilti DSH-X gas saw range maintenance kit

Maintenance kit
Maintenance is simple, as each tool comes with a maintenance kit that includes spare starter cords, air filters, a spark plug and a fuel filter. Minor repairs and service can now be carried out simply and quickly on site.

Reliable Cutting Performance

DSH-X gas saw range cyclone air filtration system

Cyclone air filtration system
The innovative cyclone air filtration system uses centrifugal force to remove dust and debris from the engine air intake. Only the cleanest air from the center of the cyclone is drawn in and passed through to the paper filter. This dramatically increases the filter’s lifetime and performance and therefore cuts downtime on site dramatically. 

Equidist technology customized diamond blade of DSH-X gas saws

Customized diamond blade
Thanks to our Equidist technology incorporated in the production of our SPX premium blades, every diamond in the blade is precisely positioned in the segment for continuously high cutting performance. The new segment geometry optimizes the number of exposed diamonds leading to a higher cutting performance and extra-long lifetime, even under the toughest conditions like when faced with highly reinforced concrete.