Diamond Saws

Three easy head starts to smoother concrete cutting.

Want easy starting for more productivity?  Want easier maintenance and less time lost on the jobsite?  Want a smaller, lighter diamond saw for more manageable performance in applications like cutting concrete, stone, masonry or brick—or making preliminary cuts for controlled demolition?

Gas Saws

Features and Benefits

Call them what you will—gas saws, cut-off saws, quickie saws, or power cutters. But for sheer power and portability, Hilti Diamond Saws DSH 600-X, DSH 700-X, and DSH 900-X deliver more of the cutting performance you want in a portable gas-powered package.

  • Unique easy start system delivers a single-pull start practically every time—without flooding the saw
  • Simplified starter rope and filter replacement make these diamond saws easier to maintain over the long haul, delivering more consistent performance and value 
  • Powers through concrete, brick, curbing, asphalt, and metalwork
Gas Saws

Electric Diamond Cutters

Features and Benefits

The electric-powered Hilti Diamond Cutter DCH 230 and DCH 300 deliver the power to cut through reinforced concrete, metal beams, steel pipes, perliminary cuts for demolition, granite curbstones, brick, masonry blocks, cutting/extending openings for windows, doors, and shafts,

  • 50% more cutting depth than typical angle grinders
  • Inverted blade rotation guides the tool away from the operator's body and therefore makes cutting easier and safer
  • Protection against overheating and overloading protection – prolongs the tool's lifetime and increases the operator's safety
  • And you’ll appreciate how its compact body makes it easier to work at any angle

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