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Diamond Flat Saw Blades

Hilti's flat saw diamond blades feature a new high-grade diamond matrix of optimum size, precisely aligned using our Equidist Technology. Let us demonstrate these new blades at your job site or office on your schedule. 

Diamond Floor Saw Blades

Tackle your toughest jobs with confidence

Teamwork. It’s what you want on every job—every discipline, every craftsman working in harmony to deliver maximum efficiency and productivity.

That’s exactly what you get with our equidist diamond floor saw blades for your floor saws. It’s no secret that diamonds are the hardest known material for cutting cured concrete. But it took our dedicated design and manufacturing teams working as one to discover the secret of getting maximum performance out of each diamond particle by making them all work so well together.

You’ll see your saw run faster, run cooler, and remove more concrete material with every revolution of the blade thanks to a precisely balanced distribution of quality diamonds—positioned at equal distances—to work better in unison than any blade you’ve ever used.

As with most breakthrough technologies, equidist is something you need to see in action to appreciate fully. Learn how such small spaces can make such a big difference in reinforced concrete. Request a personal demonstration of equidist diamond floor saw blades on your job site.

Floor/Flat Saw Blades

You no longer have to dread those seemingly intimidating jobs. You can attack them with equidist diamond floor saw blades.

  • Do more. Satisfy extreme requirements with a wide range of blade sizes from 14” to 72” diameters, 0.125” up to 0.250” blade widths, and a variety of arbor sizes—with or without undercut protection
  • Change less. Let one blade satisfy a wide range of base materials for flat sawing in parking lots, garages and plant floors
  • Find the right road to productivity. The right balance of speed and longevity make equidist diamond floor saw blades the right choice for road sawing in patch, repair, and expansion-joint applications.  With undercut protection, the equidist floor saw blade is designed for fast cutting in extreme applications