Diamond Blades

Cut the time and expense of concrete cutting.

When you expect the best performance from your investment in diamond blades for concrete cutting, you’re looking for three things—diamond quality, diamond quantity, and diamond placement.

Hilti Equidist Diamond Blades deliver the best balance of all those attributes, so you can:

  • Maximize cutting performance with every revolution of the blade. 
  • Speed up productivity by improving cutting time up to 30 percent.
  • Save downtime by reducing the frequency of blade changes.

Our designers responded to your job site concerns by developing larger diamond segments with strategically positioned and bonded stones. These two features provide more consistent coverage, reduce friction, and put the maximum number of diamonds in contact with the base material than ever before. It means whatever level of performance you choose, you can count on a good concentration of quality diamonds.

The video and the links below demonstrate how you can save time, money, and effort when you match the right diamond blades to your concrete, masonry, and stone-cutting jobs. 

Real World Evaluations by Real Users

Balance job-matched value and performance

Equidist SPX

Equidist SPX blade

Most diamonds. Most precise placement. Fastest cut.

  • Experience 30 percent faster cuts plus longer life at a lower cost than the closest comparable diamond blades.
  • Maintain peak performance with the highest concentration and quality of diamonds, strategically placed to be equally spaced and offset for optimum performance.
  • Benefit from extra durability provided by laser-welded segments.
  • Take advantage of cooling slot design for extra blade life.
  • Compare Equidist SPX for superior performance in hard concrete and flint.

Request an on-site demo of the longest lasting, fastest cutting Equidist SPX Diamond Blades

SP-S Universal

SP-X diamond blades

More diamonds for more performance.

  • Generate super cutting performance with a high concentration of quality diamonds.
  • Maintain high-level performance even in reinforced concrete.
  • Benefit from extra durability provided by laser-welded segments.

Compare SP-S Universal Diamond Blades to your current concrete cutting blades

P-S Universal

P-S Universal blade

An all-around versatile choice.

  • Achieve good cutting performance from a good concentration of quality diamonds.
  • Simplify jobsite efforts by using one versatile blade for cutting through standard concrete and brick.

Harness cost-effective performance with P-S Universal Diamond Blades.