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Self-priming pump dust suppression system

When combined with any Hilti gas saw, the DSH-P self-priming pump creates a dust control system that allows the user to cut wet anywhere on the job site.

DSH-P self-priming pump
DSH-P system

Whether in a trench, on top of scaffolding, or anywhere high-performance cutting is required, the DSH-P self-priming pump siphons water from any static water source to create a virtually dust-free working environment. 

The DSH-P self-priming pump features:

  • Provides independence from pressurized water sources
  • No assistant required to suppress dust while working without connection to a pressurized water source
  • Can be quickly and easily attached or detached from any Hilti gas saw with only three screws
  • Fits all Hilti 600-X, 700-X, and 900-X gas saws
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