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Diamond Saws DSH 700-X and DSH 900-X

Start fast. Run cool. Finish fast.

Faster cuts. Increased productivity.

DSH 900-X Gas Saw

When it comes to concrete-cutting operations, keep your eyes on the task at hand—and let us look out for all the little things that add up to a quicker start and a faster finish on your job.

With the auto choke setting for optimum fuel ratio, Hilti Easy Start technology delivers more first-pull starts and less likelihood of flooding in Diamond Saws DSH 700-X and 900-X. Fewer pulls mean less stress on arms—and less stress on the starter cord. And when the time does come for a starter rope replacement, our Easy Change System simplifies that, too—with virtually no slip in productivity.

Run smooth and cool with the proper combustion and enhanced motor cooling delivered by our unique Cyclone Air Filtration system in Hilti Diamond Saws DSH 700-X and 900-X.

Use better design to achieve greater advantage

  • Start without stress. An automatic choke reduces the likelihood of flooding the Diamond Saws DSH 700-X and 900-X, so you get more first-pull starts.
  • Run without worry. We’ve designed our Cyclone Air Filtration system to run more reliably by taking only the cleanest air from the center of the cyclone, while centrifugal force carries dust and debris away from your carburetor.
  • Minimize setbacks. Let our EasyChange Starter rope system save you time and headaches on the jobsite by making starter rope changes a breeze.

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