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Diamond Core Drill Bits

Drill faster. Drill longer.

H-line corebits

The demand for faster, stronger, longer-lasting diamond core drill bits for high-horsepower applications has been answered by the breakthrough engineering of Hilti Equidist technology.

The Hilti H-Series diamond core drill bit with Equidist design features evenly spaced, precisely positioned diamonds that create an optimal cutting configuration. It puts more diamond facet segments in constant contact with the base material for a smoother, more even cutting action. The result is a faster, cleaner cut in even the most challenging base materials—and a bit that lasts longer in even the toughest conditions. 

Equidist-enhanced bits are available in two formats—one for high-speed productivity and another that offers cost-cutting longevity. Choose the best fit for your application, and see why Hilti bits with Equidist design are unequaled.

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H-line corebit closeup
  • High-horsepower strength. Attack large-scale coring jobs—up to 24” in diameter—with H-Series diamond core drill bits for high-horsepower core drills. (e.g. Hilti Diamond Coring Tool DD 200 or larger.)
  • Toughness. Slice through the toughest base materials with Hilti Equidist technology.
  • Longevity. Get longer bit life with high-horsepower concrete life (HCL) diamond core drill bits.
  • Speed. Enjoy fastest productivity with high-speed high-horsepower concrete speec (HCS) diamond core drill bits.
  • Accuracy. Experience accurate hole starting regardless of which style you choose, thanks to pre-sharpened segments.
  • Versatility. Satisfy task-specific needs with a wide choice of core sizes—from 1-3/8” to 24” in diameter.

Cut Delays

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